Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I Hate About Chores

I've never really hated household chores. I don't mind dusting, mopping, doing the laundry or the dishes. I think I got my housewife-y traits from my mum. Either that, or I am unknowingly preparing myself for the life I will have to live if my plan of becoming a psychologist doesn't work out.


As I was saying, I don't hate the chores themselves, I hate certain parts of them which are quite often unavoidable. It's the little annoyances that occur whilst doing chores which frustrate (or downright disgust) me, leading me to get irritated and not wanting to do the chores at all.

And what are these little annoyances?

LOL as if i'll tell you yeah right go and guess it yourself ok yolo swag

Read on!

Plates in the sink with food stuck on them

UGH. This is probably the worst. I really wish people would throw their remaining food away before placing their dirty plates in the sink. Especially when it's BONES. Yuck. Imagine washing plates normally:

and then suddenly touching something revoltingly mushy and wet and unrelated to crockery/cutlery!



Wrong products everywhere

My favorite part about cleaning/washing up is the awesome scents of the products. I love classic lemon-scented dish-washing liquid, lavender fabric softener, pine glass cleaner and any flowery air-freshener (except rose). If it's anything other than these, it seems alien and unfamiliar and I loathe using it and it just makes me not want to do any chores at all.

In unrelated news, I think I might have a touch of certain symptoms of OCD.

Cleaning up the entire floor only to notice dirt everywhere else

This happens mostly due to my carelessness. If I'm cleaning a room, I ought to start with dusting/wiping all surfaces such as tables and shelves so that the dust and dirt from it can fall onto the floor and be swept/mopped away in the end. Instead, I end up mopping the floor first and then realize what an idiot I am for doing it. Then I clean the rest of the room and end up mopping the floor AGAIN to clean the mess made. Double work! So annoying and time-wasting. (Like me... *weep*)

This is me, happy that the floor is clean.

And this is me after realizing that the rest of the room isn't clean. (background credit)

Taking clean clothes out of the washing machine and dropping them everywhere by accident

I'm like those people who refuse to take two trips from the car to their house when they have a billion heavy grocery bags with them, in the sense that I hate making two trips from the washing machine to the drying rack. TWO TRIPS ARE FOR WUSSES!!!!! People who can do everything in a single trip/attempt have my respect.

So, as you may have guessed, I always carry a massive load of freshly washed wet clothes to the from the machine to the drying rack in a single trip, causing little things like socks and underwear to topple out and leave a nice trail behind me (which may prove to be helpful someday if I lose my way in my tiny house).

Being someone who actually cares about hygiene a little more than the average person, I can't stand it if clothes are on the floor. Regardless of whether the floor is cleaned regularly or not, I always associate it with germs and diseases and feet. So I freak out and can't wear anything that's been on the floor unless it's washed again.

So basically my 'ONE TRIP ONLY MOTHAAAA!' balloon of pride swelling in my heart is popped by a pin called 'you have to wash all those fallen clothes again, you loser'.


And that's that. Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to chores? Or do you not do any chores at all? (LUCKY MOFOS.) Let me know so that we can compare, and then perhaps open a little support group for crazy people who can't do regular things without finding a million issues in them and whining like silly little girls. (I have a feeling I'll be the only member of that support group.)


Also, my A Level results have arrived. I got an A in Psychology, B in Business and B in Sociology. I'm so relieved that I'm done with one part of my education FOREVER! My University starts in October, and I'm super excited. I'll be continuing Psychology, and I'm ecstatic that I got an A in the subject since it proves that I am capable of studying it. I'm also thankful that I didn't get a C in anything (to be honest, that's all I was expecting...). I worked really really really hard for this. So glad that it paid off. The best part - NO MORE HOMESCHOOLING! WOOHOO! I get to be around people now (I hope my hermit traits don't mess this up)!!!!



Shrutilaya Ramanathan said...

I hate food on the plate too!

Honestly though, the only thing that annoys me to no end is having to clean up after cooking a ginormous meal when we have guests over. Not only was I on my feet for a good 4 hours cooking, I need to clean it up at 2 am in the morning? UGH.

Laila N Mysis said...

I don't think I can ever, ever, EVER, see you as a hermit. Like, EVER. So your hermit-y traits are like totally escaping me here o.O
But CONGRATULATIONS nevertheless. I can't believe you put that in the small print. I would have written a whole post on just that, and increased the font size a couple of billion times too ^_^ Hope Uni is all you want it to be and more :)

And yeah, um, food on the plate is mine. I actually really like doing the dishes. A lot. I hate the dishwasher. But is it so hard for people to do that basic step of taking the leftovers off the plate? >.<

And my other pet chore peeve (chore pet peeve?) is a bit like #3, but not really. I just hate it when you vacuum, or mop, or sweep the floor, and two seconds later there's dirt on it again, just because some idiot decided to [do the normal thing and] walk across it -_-'

Ghadeer said...

I love chores and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Yes, I am a housewife at heart. Currently a family friend's traveled and dropped her helper at our place, and all I can pray for in those two weeks is for them to come back so I can go back to cleaning the house. And washing dishes and dusting shelves and scrubbing toilets...*ah :) *

Muslimah Delights said...

Hate food on plates too. You remind me of Cinderella in the 5th and 6th pictures!!
Congratulations on your A-Level results (I got the same for sociology, was just 1 or 2 marks away from an A - always happens to me lol).

The Me. said...

Okay this is something that I've come across at the hostel so I don't know if you'll relate but regarding dishwashing, I HATE it when someone uses the sink before me and leaves bits of food particles in there that clog the drain and then the water starts to fill up the sink and has food bits floating in it. >____< yuck!!

Also I hate it when im trying to iron a dupatta and the fan is on and it makes the dupatta fly around everywhere. grrr.

Goooood topic to do a post on!

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

i always smile with your posts kat ^_^ funny illustrations. haha. pet peeve chore? washing clothes. i just don't like it. except during days when i have no choice but to do it.

anyway, congratulations on your A, B, B ratings!!! i don't know how it feels to be homeschooled but i really think it's boring. :/

Huda Kamal said...

I don't really love to do chores but ofcourse your desi mom will make you do all the chores and other chote chote kaam. But yeah sometimes I get a big boost in me and I feel like a turbo and clean the whole house do all the work and keep waiting for the credits though I never get appreciated on that :p your future susraal is lucky to have such a sughar bahu :D
Congrats on your result. :)

Sunny Williams said...

I act like I don't enjoy hoovering the house, but when I do I always put headphones in. As soon as I hit a really good track I dance and sing like an international pop legend (or something like that)while I zoom all over the carpets.
Ahh, guilty pleasures.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you find used tissue papers in a plate *shudders* some guests have this disgusting habit of wiping their hands after a meal and then putting those used tissue papers in the plates. Yuck. I mean ewwww. And sometimes they can get into the sink too.
And congratulations on your result =)

PurpleMist. said...

Hahaha.. all these are so true, specially the food stuck on plates bit.. ugh I hate that!

Congrats on your A'levels :D

Julianne said...

Since I work at a coffee shop, I end up doing a lot of cleaning at work and the worst thing is when people put napkins in ceramic mugs that still have liquid in them and leave them on tables. Picking sticky napkins out of mugs is a very gross sensation.

Congrats on your A levels! I start university soon too, in September, and I was pretty terrified but it's going to be so much fun!

Ridx said...

I can't relate a whole lot to it because I don't do any chores at all. I hardly do that. But I want my room to be spic and span so I just do the cleaning myself. Sometimes! But I don't mind helping my mum.

You are so lucky to have all these traits. I haven't got a single one!

Congratulations on your result Furrreeee. I think I have done that on twitter but there's no harm in doing that again. Finally done with Alevels. Congratulations on your university. I am not sure when will my university start. Wish me some luck.

Much love.

Momina said...

I can relate to each of them! :3
Congratulations on your result!
Also, my tiny sister loved all your drawings and made me go through most of your blog!

Bakemono Imo said...

Thankfully, I'm not squeamish as such, but yeah, people need to learn how to chuck left-over mush into the bin. It's not that difficult.

As for your manly one-trip rule, invest in a big plastic basket, and watch some youtube videos of asian men building salad towers. That'll help you with your trips.

Lastly and trust me I say this from experience: Don't go up to a person and be like "So, I've got a blog, and I'm usually on twitter..." That never goes well. Have fun making friends.

Keep Bloggin' an' Mailin' an' Tweetin'

Rutaba Tariq said...

I share your pain, chores around the house can be fun but little annoyances can ruin whatever delight we paint in them to be.

Here's what bothers me:

1)Cleaning up, let it be tidying up a room, flattening the bed sheets, racking shoes up... doing all that and having a sibling casually walk in throwing his/her shoes in the air, lying carelessly on the bed and then flashing a happy smile.O________________O
Practically just ruining it all.

2)Another one is when people drop their dirty plates and other dishes everywhere BUT THE DAMN SINK. Its all over the kitchen slab. :( Why would you even do that?

3)This one's like the dirty dishes only this time people prefer dirty clothes (ESP. TOWELS!!) to be left on the floors or bed sides or chair tops, curtain railings..okay, maybe this has gone to far but you can imagine, right?

Oh and congratulations on your result! I share your joy, home-schooling just ended for me too! Cleared my A levels and will start University right about your time! \m/
Man, I know what you feel, to be in humans again...humans that are not your family...

We should do a collaborative post on this. 'Out of Home school', 'What Homeschoolers fear' etc.

OOOKAY. This is the end to my rants. Once again,congratulations! Party hard

Kashaf A. said...

I want to be psychologist too! Yay! Hi5!

Achaaaa. Khair. I normally don't do chores as that's our maid's and my mother's responsibility. I mean i do help them in little stuff but they don't persuade me to do so because i'm always buried amongst my course books and the reply, 'Ab main parhayi karun ya ghar ke kaam karun' always works. ALWAYS. Huhu.

I hate washing dishes because of that yucky mushy stuff. It gives me goosebumps for no reason. When i get married, my other half would've to do the dishes. Never going to compromise in that.

Lioness Without A Pride said...

Congratulations on your scores!!!!! Your hard work certainly has paid off ^_^ ^_^ One step closer to uni, now!

Also, I would LOVE to hear about how you are around people, come October. ESPECIALLY at college. *rubs hands together anticipatorily*

This post made me feel completely ashamed of myself and reminded me that I should contribute more as far as household chores are concerned.

♥ Love you!

Katherine said...

First, congratulations on your A level results,a nd for getting an A on the field that you want to specialize in. It's just the most awesome feeling in the world! Good luck to your university life. :D

Re. chores, I just don't like it when I wash the dishes after the family has eaten a meal of anything beef, because beef grease is SOOOOOOO hard to clean! It sticks to dishes like crazy. >.<

Hamza bin Lupin said...

Hahahhaha this is so relatable!
You're going to be the coolest psychologist for sure, iA!

I don't mind doing household chores too but I just can't touch the left over food. It's worse than cat poop. I CAN touch cat poop but that wet food? NO WAY!

Whenever I wash my car, I clean the windows first before dusting the whole body. So I end up washing the windows twice as after the dusting there's a lot of dirt on the glass once again!

I'm so proud of you. Best of luck, Furree!

Maham said...

You are so good at doodling.
MS paint. right?

Furree Katt said...

@Shrutilaya, I feel your pain! :(

@Laila, Haha thank you, that means a lot! And omg, I don't like that pet peeve you have too!

@Ghadeer, That's awesome. I like chores too. They're therapeutic.

@Muslimah Delights, LOL! And Congratulations!

@The Me, OMG that's disgusting! People can be so inconsiderate at times. And thank you :)

@Orange Pulps, Thank you so much :D. I use the washing machine, but if I need to wash clothes by hand, I do it (usually).

@Huda, HAHA! Thanks! Impulsive cleaning is as good as regular cleaning I guess.

@Sunny, That's a cool thing to do!

@Enn, Oh dear that's revolting :o. And thank you :)

@PurpleMist, Thanks :)

@Julianne, Uh oh! Why are people so inconsiderate... and so VILE?! Thanks :D

@Ridx, Aw but you're lucky that you don't do any chores, LOL! And Thanks, good luck to you as well, I'm sure things will work out in the best possible way for you.

@Momina, Haha how sweet! Tell her I said thanks :D :)

@Bakemono, LOL thanks! That seems like a good idea.

@Rutaba, OMG your points are so relatable. I hate when people do all those things too. I mean, it seems like they were brough up without manners. x_x ugh! Thank you sooo much, congrats to you as well for clearing everything, here's wishing the best of luck to us both! :)

@Kashaf, Great career choice. Yay. And hopefully you'll find someone to marry who shall be willing to do the chores. You will be lucky if you do :D

@Lioness Without A Pride, Hurray! ♥ thanks a million. Love you too much. I will defo post about uni life. It's going to be fun! And you're so lucky not to do chores, I envy you!

@Katherine, Thank you very much :D and yeah haha some food items have such strong smells! The smell of mutton also lingers for ages.

@Hamza bin lupin, LOL I love your new username! Thank you so much :) Haha it's great that you can relate to the leftover food bit. Yuck. And the car thing is like the male version of cleaning-the-floor thing I posted about! LOL! Thanks again :D

@Maham, Thanks, and yes.

@Alia, Haha glad you can relate! Thanks for the comment :) Good luck with Psych. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

This post is so relatable! :)
I face the same problem when I'm washing dishes, so I take a plastic bag and use it as a glove to clear off all the waste from the dishes into the bin. It helps out a lot :P Just a suggestion! ;)

The Lady of Green Origin said...

I, for one, used to ABHOR chores when residing in my mother's household. All of them. I was a slob, and I was okay with that. *shudders*

BUT since moving into my current, and fully self-reliant in the cleaning department, residence, I have gotten in touch with my anal, organized and bossy side.

If someone steps onto my carpet with their dirt-ridden shoes, I will not hesitate to judo-chop them in the diaphragm. If someone leaves their jacket somewhere not on a hanger, in the closet, there will be retribution.

Mostly, I just want people to respect my house just as much as I do. This anal-retentiveness has also led to my increasing respect for other's property and certain rules set for the upkeep of their sacred places as well.

I feel as if I am growing. Whoop whoop.

On a side note - I have ALWAYS rinsed my dishes directly after soiling them. It irks me to NO END when people leave crusty grossness on plates. I hold firm in my belief that there is always time to rinse.

Also, I missed you.


Furree Katt said...

@ilsarazzak, Haha thanks for that useful suggestion! :D

@The Lady of Green Origin, OMG I have missed you too! SO MUCH! ♥
I think it's better to be clean than slobby. Although being slobby is so much more easier... and tempting...
An uncle of mine is anal-retentive. He usually gets on everyone else's nerves when he starts his never-ending process of cleaning and re-cleaning everything. But hey, that's kind of a given when you're growing up!

kendra30752 said...

Furee Katt! Darling! Oh my goodness. You're still here!

Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

Panic attack over.

Holy cow! I have been trying to find your blog for ages! I'm so glad you came to visit me because in your comment, I was able to get to your blog. I literally went through my blog following feed looking for you twice, then typed you in the search bar. Nothing. So I took my happy ass to Google and typed in Furee Kat. Nothing! This was like 3 months ago! I thought you left the Blogger land.

Anyways, so glad to be reunited! :) I think I must have been missing you when I searched for you because I spelled "Kat" with one "T." Who knows. Crisis is over now. :)

Thank you for coming and visiting my blog. That made my day! I'm so happy to see you're still going strong here & your blog is as amazing and uplifting and funny as ever. Your's is still by far a big favorite of mine. :)

Lotsa love & warm wishes,

This time, I will not lose you! :)

Hira Nazir said...

You've such an amazing way of narrating stuff, Furree. All this effort you put in your blog, these drawings of yours - so commendable. Also, this is such a lovely post. I am ok with left over food and everything else, but MAN! I can not do the cleaning thing. Esp, when it comes to dusting, NO WAY! Not that I can not do it, I don't like doing it.
So happy for your great result. Congratulations once again! Hope, it is not too late. Well, it is never late for getting wishes. Heh. Also, very best of luck for the future endeavors.
Stay your awesome self. Much love! <3