Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I Hate About Chores

I've never really hated household chores. I don't mind dusting, mopping, doing the laundry or the dishes. I think I got my housewife-y traits from my mum. Either that, or I am unknowingly preparing myself for the life I will have to live if my plan of becoming a psychologist doesn't work out.


As I was saying, I don't hate the chores themselves, I hate certain parts of them which are quite often unavoidable. It's the little annoyances that occur whilst doing chores which frustrate (or downright disgust) me, leading me to get irritated and not wanting to do the chores at all.

And what are these little annoyances?

LOL as if i'll tell you yeah right go and guess it yourself ok yolo swag

Read on!

Plates in the sink with food stuck on them

UGH. This is probably the worst. I really wish people would throw their remaining food away before placing their dirty plates in the sink. Especially when it's BONES. Yuck. Imagine washing plates normally:

and then suddenly touching something revoltingly mushy and wet and unrelated to crockery/cutlery!



Wrong products everywhere

My favorite part about cleaning/washing up is the awesome scents of the products. I love classic lemon-scented dish-washing liquid, lavender fabric softener, pine glass cleaner and any flowery air-freshener (except rose). If it's anything other than these, it seems alien and unfamiliar and I loathe using it and it just makes me not want to do any chores at all.

In unrelated news, I think I might have a touch of certain symptoms of OCD.

Cleaning up the entire floor only to notice dirt everywhere else

This happens mostly due to my carelessness. If I'm cleaning a room, I ought to start with dusting/wiping all surfaces such as tables and shelves so that the dust and dirt from it can fall onto the floor and be swept/mopped away in the end. Instead, I end up mopping the floor first and then realize what an idiot I am for doing it. Then I clean the rest of the room and end up mopping the floor AGAIN to clean the mess made. Double work! So annoying and time-wasting. (Like me... *weep*)

This is me, happy that the floor is clean.

And this is me after realizing that the rest of the room isn't clean. (background credit)

Taking clean clothes out of the washing machine and dropping them everywhere by accident

I'm like those people who refuse to take two trips from the car to their house when they have a billion heavy grocery bags with them, in the sense that I hate making two trips from the washing machine to the drying rack. TWO TRIPS ARE FOR WUSSES!!!!! People who can do everything in a single trip/attempt have my respect.

So, as you may have guessed, I always carry a massive load of freshly washed wet clothes to the from the machine to the drying rack in a single trip, causing little things like socks and underwear to topple out and leave a nice trail behind me (which may prove to be helpful someday if I lose my way in my tiny house).

Being someone who actually cares about hygiene a little more than the average person, I can't stand it if clothes are on the floor. Regardless of whether the floor is cleaned regularly or not, I always associate it with germs and diseases and feet. So I freak out and can't wear anything that's been on the floor unless it's washed again.

So basically my 'ONE TRIP ONLY MOTHAAAA!' balloon of pride swelling in my heart is popped by a pin called 'you have to wash all those fallen clothes again, you loser'.


And that's that. Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to chores? Or do you not do any chores at all? (LUCKY MOFOS.) Let me know so that we can compare, and then perhaps open a little support group for crazy people who can't do regular things without finding a million issues in them and whining like silly little girls. (I have a feeling I'll be the only member of that support group.)


Also, my A Level results have arrived. I got an A in Psychology, B in Business and B in Sociology. I'm so relieved that I'm done with one part of my education FOREVER! My University starts in October, and I'm super excited. I'll be continuing Psychology, and I'm ecstatic that I got an A in the subject since it proves that I am capable of studying it. I'm also thankful that I didn't get a C in anything (to be honest, that's all I was expecting...). I worked really really really hard for this. So glad that it paid off. The best part - NO MORE HOMESCHOOLING! WOOHOO! I get to be around people now (I hope my hermit traits don't mess this up)!!!!