Sunday, December 29, 2013

An Interview With Bad Luck Brian

He took the entire internet by storm when his yearbook photo was posted on Reddit. His face represents the humorous side of mischance and tragedy. He's provided tonnes of laughs in meme form, and has now shifted his comedy to YouTube. He is the one, the only:

In the meme culture which has taken over the internet since the past two years, the Bad Luck Brian meme stands out as one of the most hilarious ones. It involves a yearbook picture of a young, blonde male student - the text accompanying it usually displays sometimes funny, sometimes really mean forms of bad luck that he encounters.

When I first discovered that the guy in the Bad Luck Brian meme was making videos on YouTube, I was elated. I am proud to say that I was one of his earliest subscribers, and it has been a totally awesome experience seeing the memes come to life. I wanted to tell him how much of a huge fan I was, so I shot him a message on his YouTube channel hoping that he would reply - and he did! I had a bunch of questions to ask as well, so I thought it would be great if I could actually make it in an interview format so that I could post it up here on my blog. So, guys, meet Kyle:

He's the guy in the Bad Luck Brian meme! How awesome is that? Kyle was super nice to me and responded to my message promptly. I asked him some questions about himself, his meme and his videos, so you can read all that below!

Here's his YouTube channel trailer so you'll know what sort of videos to expect.

And here is the interview:

How long ago was the photo taken?

It was taken when I was a junior in High School, so about 6 years ago.

When did you realize your photo became famous as a meme, and what was your initial reaction?

One of my best friends was the one who posted it online. He called me in the middle of the night and left a message saying that he made me internet famous. When I got up in the morning I got on and saw that I was on the front page.  I thought it was extremely funny that such a stupid picture was blowing up on the internet. 

Were you okay with your photo being the butt of sometimes mean, sometimes downright cruel jokes? Or was it something you got used to over time?

Oh yeah! I was always okay with it. I think that the cruel ones are some of the most funny ones. 

How did people you know react when the Bad Luck Brian meme took over the internet by storm?

My family thinks that it is all really stupid and they could care less. All of my friends love it and think its hilarious.

Do you like being recognized and revered as an internet meme above everything else?

I rarely every get recognized in public. Since it was 6 years ago I took the picture I really don't look like that anymore. 

What made you decide to create videos and continue playing the character you were given by the internet? 

Well it all started when Laina (Overly Attached Girlfriend) contacted me back in July. She wanted me to be in one of her videos for her YouTube channel. After a few weeks I was on a plane to Los Angeles. We took a few days to shoot for her channel and after she brought up to me that I should start my own. I have always made videos growing up so it was a perfect fit for me. 

Will you ever make other content on YouTube apart from your 'bad luck' series? 

I would love to! Right now I am looking into doing an interview series for another channel where they would send me out to things like spring break or like the Golden Globes.

Apart from making videos, what else do you like doing?

I still work full time at a construction company doing project management so between that and making videos I really do not have that much free time. Since it is winter I do try and get out and snowmobile but that is about it.

What's the favorite version of your meme? And what's your favorite internet meme in general?

My favorite meme of Bad Luck Brian is "Parents gets divorce, no one fights for custody". 

My favorite meme out there now is Grumpy Cat, who doesn't like Grumpy Cat?

It's evident that you're one of the good guys of the internet who take their fans' suggestions and opinions into consideration and interact with them regularly. Is there anything special you would like to tell your fans - of the meme and of your videos?

I really appreciate everything that all my fans have done for me. What makes the Bad Luck Brian meme so funny is all of the fans who write them. I would have never thought that becoming a meme would have lead to so many different opportunities.


I would sincerely like to thank Kyle for taking out time from his busy schedule to answer these questions. I'm still a little starstruck that I got to communicate with an internet celebrity (the best kind of celebrity, in my opinion) - it's sort of like a dream come true, and a perfect end to 2013! Kyle is a wonderful person, and I wish him all the (good) luck in the world! Here's a little drawing I made of us:

For more of Kyle, you can like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter. Make sure you check out and subscribe to his awesome YouTube channel, where he posts ultra hilarious videos and showcases the Bad Luck Brian meme coming to life.

Happy New Year, guys!

Monday, December 16, 2013

A peek into my 'other messages' folder


I'm sure most of you are familiar with Facebook. If you've ever used it in your life, you'll know all about sending and receiving private messages on it. And if you've spent enough time in your messages folder, you'll know about the strange, shady and embarrassing area that no one voluntarily treads upon:


Surprisingly, not many people are aware of this particular phenomenon. I myself didn't discover this nifty little mini-horror section of Facebook till around last year. The other messages folder is basically the thing you see here:

That's a screenshot of my inbox with the arrow pointing to how you can get into your 'other messages' section.

I honestly wish I had never come across this monstrosity.

I remember the day it happened. I was browsing Facebook through my phone, looking for an old message a friend had sent me. Instead of 'older messages' I accidentally hit 'other messages'. I had previously never even taken that link's existence into consideration. I thought it was just an extension of older messages. Little did I know of the terrible things it contained...

I clicked the link. Suddenly, the number of unread messages I had were 56. FIFTY SIX? I had never had so many unread messages in my life. I was thoroughly confused. Imagine how my confusion increased when I saw this message at the very top:

All I could think of was, 'what the hell is this shit?' As I scrolled further and read the utter ridiculousness in there, it dawned upon me that I was not in the 'older messages' section - rather, this alien place was called 'other' and had some extremely disturbing content that I hadn't come across in the longest time. Here are some gems I have salvaged from that pit of evil:

I kind of feel sorry for this guy.

This stuff is even scarier than your average neighborhood murder. In fact, I think there was a horror movie based on this bundle of eyesores:


Depending on your privacy settings, messages that go into your 'other' folder are usually those which are sent to you by people whom you don't have any mutual friends with. Anyone inboxing you with a mutual friend will probably have their message turn up on your inbox, just like regular messages from your friends do. So this means practically everyone whose message is in your 'other folder' is probably a huge-ass creep with a stalking tendency.

I have never responded to a single other message in my life, and I never plan to. That stuff definitely defines the term 'the scum of Facebook' pretty well. But regardless of the trauma it brings, it also gives you a truckload of entertainment. After the initial shock wore off, I was in tears of laughter!

So guys and girls, if you haven't already, please do check your other messages folder and see the kind of (unwanted) attention being bestowed on you! Make sure you let me know about whatever dirt you have in there. I've heard plenty stories that are way more creepier (and hilarious) than mine, so I'm looking forward to hearing about whatever you've been receiving.

Before I say farewell, here's my personal favorite:

Everything about this perfectly sums up the entire essence of the 'other messages' folder. Also, this particular gem was sent to four people I know... Including my own mother.

TaK3 cArE gUyzz... :o)

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Most Terrifying Moment Of My Life

Like almost every person in this entire world, I have had my fair share of frightening experiences throughout life. Things that have been alarming, such as that one time the fire alarm rang in school (I can't believe I thought I could get away with such a pathetic joke), and that one scary book I just couldn't get over (I had to sleep with the lights on for a year week).

There have only been a few moments in my life when I have almost wet myself in utter terror, and I am about to share one (that's right, only ONE) of those moments with you.

Rather than tell you what exactly happened right in the beginning of this post, I'll just let you discover it for yourself as you read along.

This terrifying moment took place when I was around 9 years old. I had to attend a wedding of lord knows who - I probably can't remember because all that is overshadowed by the vivid recollection of horror I experienced that day - and the venue was outdoors.

Outdoor weddings are a pain in the summertime - everyone's got large and unsightly sweat patches on their fanciest clothes, all the women have their makeup melting off, there are insects buzzing around and the sickening heat of the artificial lights set up everywhere to make it easy for (pseudo)photographers to shoot pictures just puts everyone in a rotten mood.

I know you probably couldn't figure out what this image was the first (and second, third, fourth) time you looked at it, so here's the explanation: it's a bunch of guests under the wedding marquee outdoors, at night.

As you all must know, attending weddings is such a tedious and boring thing to do for practically all 9 year old children. The fact that kids aren't allowed to do anything without their parents and other older relatives snapping at them to "stop running!" "keep quiet!" and "GET YOUR HANDS OFF THE ICE CREAM YOU HAVEN'T HAD YOUR DINNER YET YOU LITTLE SHIT" makes it all the more unappealing.

I was the typical 9 year old at that wedding, bored out of my mind, wanting to get a fancy picture snapped of myself sitting between the bride and groom but not being allowed to, and missing the comfort of my bed and Nickelodeon on TV. I had absolutely nothing to do. The other kids there were strange and weird and ugly so I didn't want to interact with them. The food wasn't served yet, so I couldn't occupy myself with that. All the adults were busy doing boring adult things like pretending to listen to each other and displaying their fake laughter skills.

I decided to find a nice and safe way to entertain myself. I have no idea how my 9-year-old mind worked back then, but I'm pretty sure it was slightly mental, because I made up a ridiculous game of challenging myself to sit on each and every chair in the venue.

Now, there must have been three hundred chairs there. This made the entire situation Fear-Factor-ish. Or Guinness World Record-ish.Would I be able to sit on EVERY chair? How would I sit on the chairs that were already occupied? I had to be stealthy and quick, and wait for everyone to head to the buffet table, or to the bride and groom to congratulate them, so that their seats would be momentarily free in order for me to rest my butt on them for a couple of seconds.

I decided to start right at the end of the venue, and make my way to the front. I imagine I must have looked like a total imbecile changing my seat every second, but my 9-year-old self wasn't conscious of that at all.

What I thought I looked like:

What I actually looked like:

and yes the sky was actually darker in real than in my imagination OKAY

Anyway, I didn't get too far in the game, because something happened.

Something so terrible, so horrendous, so utterly disgusting, that a decade later, I still shudder whenever I think of it.

I was innocently playing my game, still nowhere near the front of the wedding venue, when I felt something land on my shoulder.

It was heavy. It was moving. Without turning my head, I tried to look at it from the corner of my eyes. And that's when I saw the most horrific thing in the entire universe.


It was the largest cockroach I had ever seen in my life. It was a loathsome, hideous, HUGE creature. Black and brown, the size of my palm, waving its foul antennas and legs in the most ghastly way. It was squirming repulsively, like some evil mutant from a sick low budget horror movie. And, a friendly reminder: it was on my goddamn shoulder.

I would have freaked out and ululated my lungs right up by hysterically screaming, but the fear of that... THING... had paralyzed me. I was petrified, sort of like all those poor people who indirectly looked in the eyes of a Basilisk in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. My mind was going wild with images of how the abnormally huge cockroach would kill me by slashing my jugular vein with its poisonous leg-claws, or maybe somehow swallow my head up. I wanted to cry for help as loud as possible. But all I could express externally was a tiny, terrified whimper.

I could feel myself getting dizzy and about to faint. Mr. Frickin Huge Cockroach was still relaxing on my shoulder like it was the bloody beach. Not a care in the world for the amount of trauma it was giving to the poor, defenseless girl it had chosen to land on. I thought the horror would never end. But all of a sudden, something unimaginably terrible happened.

That cockroach, emitting a loud buzz (that will forever haunt me in my dreams), jerked around, and WINGS SPROUTED FROM ITS BACK.


Ladies and gentlemen, that was not just once of the largest cockroaches I had ever encountered in my life, but it was also A FRICKIN MUTATED FLYING COCKROACH.

I can't be too sure, but I think I wet myself in terror. That's probably the first and last time I wet myself unintentionally after outgrowing my diaper stage. You can imagine how I was feeling. Or wait, scratch that - NOBODY can empathize with the level of fright I experienced in that moment. I'm calling it a 'moment' because I'm pretty sure all this took place in less than ten seconds, even though it felt like a lifetime to me.

So. Yes. The bloody cockroach had WINGS. It unfurled them and took off right in front of my face. And that's when I got a good look at the fella.

That was not a cockroach, folks. It was something nightmares are made of. I will never forget the (possible) split-second eye contact we made before it spazzed out into the night. That thing was the spawn of the devil. IT WAS THE ANTICHRIST.

original illustration credit

The sense of relief didn't wash over me like I had expected it to. It sort of trickled in, slowly relaxing my tightened muscles and allowing me to breathe little by little, till I felt fairly normal again (but still slightly queasy).

It then occurred to me to get the hell away from the back of the wedding venue, and go straight to the front where the rest of my family was seated. All thoughts about the (lame) game I was playing were wiped from my mind. I'll admit this... I was happy to get out of that situation with my life shoulder intact.

And that, girls and boys, was the most terrifying moment of my life.

Don't you dare laugh at me.


Has there ever been a moment in your life that was a culmination of sheer terror, fear, horror and mortification? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS AND WE'LL SHARE OUR MISERY!

Till next time, see you later, alligator.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Embarrassing Stuff That's Happened To Me In School

Tripping and falling on the staircase in front of everyone

Being called up to the board to solve a question in the subject I was weakest at (in front of everyone who seemingly knew the answer)

Saliva flying out of my mouth and landing on the person in front of me when I was talking too fast

Letting out an extremely stinky (and noisy) fart in the middle of a silent classroom


Guys, I've got some good news. I'm in University now! It's been a tough journey to get here, but I'm grateful for all the craziness I've had to experience these past few years because it's made me who I am today. Since I've begun a new journey on the educational front, I decided to give a tribute to my pre-home-school days, (when I actually went to a real school) through this blog post. I would love to know your embarrassing moments (maybe just so I can feel a little better about mine), so please do share! Here's to new beginnings and a future of (hopefully) less embarrassing events.

p.s. I've changed my drawing style a little, do you like it?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I Hate About Chores

I've never really hated household chores. I don't mind dusting, mopping, doing the laundry or the dishes. I think I got my housewife-y traits from my mum. Either that, or I am unknowingly preparing myself for the life I will have to live if my plan of becoming a psychologist doesn't work out.


As I was saying, I don't hate the chores themselves, I hate certain parts of them which are quite often unavoidable. It's the little annoyances that occur whilst doing chores which frustrate (or downright disgust) me, leading me to get irritated and not wanting to do the chores at all.

And what are these little annoyances?

LOL as if i'll tell you yeah right go and guess it yourself ok yolo swag

Read on!

Plates in the sink with food stuck on them

UGH. This is probably the worst. I really wish people would throw their remaining food away before placing their dirty plates in the sink. Especially when it's BONES. Yuck. Imagine washing plates normally:

and then suddenly touching something revoltingly mushy and wet and unrelated to crockery/cutlery!



Wrong products everywhere

My favorite part about cleaning/washing up is the awesome scents of the products. I love classic lemon-scented dish-washing liquid, lavender fabric softener, pine glass cleaner and any flowery air-freshener (except rose). If it's anything other than these, it seems alien and unfamiliar and I loathe using it and it just makes me not want to do any chores at all.

In unrelated news, I think I might have a touch of certain symptoms of OCD.

Cleaning up the entire floor only to notice dirt everywhere else

This happens mostly due to my carelessness. If I'm cleaning a room, I ought to start with dusting/wiping all surfaces such as tables and shelves so that the dust and dirt from it can fall onto the floor and be swept/mopped away in the end. Instead, I end up mopping the floor first and then realize what an idiot I am for doing it. Then I clean the rest of the room and end up mopping the floor AGAIN to clean the mess made. Double work! So annoying and time-wasting. (Like me... *weep*)

This is me, happy that the floor is clean.

And this is me after realizing that the rest of the room isn't clean. (background credit)

Taking clean clothes out of the washing machine and dropping them everywhere by accident

I'm like those people who refuse to take two trips from the car to their house when they have a billion heavy grocery bags with them, in the sense that I hate making two trips from the washing machine to the drying rack. TWO TRIPS ARE FOR WUSSES!!!!! People who can do everything in a single trip/attempt have my respect.

So, as you may have guessed, I always carry a massive load of freshly washed wet clothes to the from the machine to the drying rack in a single trip, causing little things like socks and underwear to topple out and leave a nice trail behind me (which may prove to be helpful someday if I lose my way in my tiny house).

Being someone who actually cares about hygiene a little more than the average person, I can't stand it if clothes are on the floor. Regardless of whether the floor is cleaned regularly or not, I always associate it with germs and diseases and feet. So I freak out and can't wear anything that's been on the floor unless it's washed again.

So basically my 'ONE TRIP ONLY MOTHAAAA!' balloon of pride swelling in my heart is popped by a pin called 'you have to wash all those fallen clothes again, you loser'.


And that's that. Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to chores? Or do you not do any chores at all? (LUCKY MOFOS.) Let me know so that we can compare, and then perhaps open a little support group for crazy people who can't do regular things without finding a million issues in them and whining like silly little girls. (I have a feeling I'll be the only member of that support group.)


Also, my A Level results have arrived. I got an A in Psychology, B in Business and B in Sociology. I'm so relieved that I'm done with one part of my education FOREVER! My University starts in October, and I'm super excited. I'll be continuing Psychology, and I'm ecstatic that I got an A in the subject since it proves that I am capable of studying it. I'm also thankful that I didn't get a C in anything (to be honest, that's all I was expecting...). I worked really really really hard for this. So glad that it paid off. The best part - NO MORE HOMESCHOOLING! WOOHOO! I get to be around people now (I hope my hermit traits don't mess this up)!!!!