Sunday, December 29, 2013

An Interview With Bad Luck Brian

He took the entire internet by storm when his yearbook photo was posted on Reddit. His face represents the humorous side of mischance and tragedy. He's provided tonnes of laughs in meme form, and has now shifted his comedy to YouTube. He is the one, the only:

In the meme culture which has taken over the internet since the past two years, the Bad Luck Brian meme stands out as one of the most hilarious ones. It involves a yearbook picture of a young, blonde male student - the text accompanying it usually displays sometimes funny, sometimes really mean forms of bad luck that he encounters.

When I first discovered that the guy in the Bad Luck Brian meme was making videos on YouTube, I was elated. I am proud to say that I was one of his earliest subscribers, and it has been a totally awesome experience seeing the memes come to life. I wanted to tell him how much of a huge fan I was, so I shot him a message on his YouTube channel hoping that he would reply - and he did! I had a bunch of questions to ask as well, so I thought it would be great if I could actually make it in an interview format so that I could post it up here on my blog. So, guys, meet Kyle:

He's the guy in the Bad Luck Brian meme! How awesome is that? Kyle was super nice to me and responded to my message promptly. I asked him some questions about himself, his meme and his videos, so you can read all that below!

Here's his YouTube channel trailer so you'll know what sort of videos to expect.

And here is the interview:

How long ago was the photo taken?

It was taken when I was a junior in High School, so about 6 years ago.

When did you realize your photo became famous as a meme, and what was your initial reaction?

One of my best friends was the one who posted it online. He called me in the middle of the night and left a message saying that he made me internet famous. When I got up in the morning I got on and saw that I was on the front page.  I thought it was extremely funny that such a stupid picture was blowing up on the internet. 

Were you okay with your photo being the butt of sometimes mean, sometimes downright cruel jokes? Or was it something you got used to over time?

Oh yeah! I was always okay with it. I think that the cruel ones are some of the most funny ones. 

How did people you know react when the Bad Luck Brian meme took over the internet by storm?

My family thinks that it is all really stupid and they could care less. All of my friends love it and think its hilarious.

Do you like being recognized and revered as an internet meme above everything else?

I rarely every get recognized in public. Since it was 6 years ago I took the picture I really don't look like that anymore. 

What made you decide to create videos and continue playing the character you were given by the internet? 

Well it all started when Laina (Overly Attached Girlfriend) contacted me back in July. She wanted me to be in one of her videos for her YouTube channel. After a few weeks I was on a plane to Los Angeles. We took a few days to shoot for her channel and after she brought up to me that I should start my own. I have always made videos growing up so it was a perfect fit for me. 

Will you ever make other content on YouTube apart from your 'bad luck' series? 

I would love to! Right now I am looking into doing an interview series for another channel where they would send me out to things like spring break or like the Golden Globes.

Apart from making videos, what else do you like doing?

I still work full time at a construction company doing project management so between that and making videos I really do not have that much free time. Since it is winter I do try and get out and snowmobile but that is about it.

What's the favorite version of your meme? And what's your favorite internet meme in general?

My favorite meme of Bad Luck Brian is "Parents gets divorce, no one fights for custody". 

My favorite meme out there now is Grumpy Cat, who doesn't like Grumpy Cat?

It's evident that you're one of the good guys of the internet who take their fans' suggestions and opinions into consideration and interact with them regularly. Is there anything special you would like to tell your fans - of the meme and of your videos?

I really appreciate everything that all my fans have done for me. What makes the Bad Luck Brian meme so funny is all of the fans who write them. I would have never thought that becoming a meme would have lead to so many different opportunities.


I would sincerely like to thank Kyle for taking out time from his busy schedule to answer these questions. I'm still a little starstruck that I got to communicate with an internet celebrity (the best kind of celebrity, in my opinion) - it's sort of like a dream come true, and a perfect end to 2013! Kyle is a wonderful person, and I wish him all the (good) luck in the world! Here's a little drawing I made of us:

For more of Kyle, you can like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter. Make sure you check out and subscribe to his awesome YouTube channel, where he posts ultra hilarious videos and showcases the Bad Luck Brian meme coming to life.

Happy New Year, guys!

Monday, December 16, 2013

A peek into my 'other messages' folder


I'm sure most of you are familiar with Facebook. If you've ever used it in your life, you'll know all about sending and receiving private messages on it. And if you've spent enough time in your messages folder, you'll know about the strange, shady and embarrassing area that no one voluntarily treads upon:


Surprisingly, not many people are aware of this particular phenomenon. I myself didn't discover this nifty little mini-horror section of Facebook till around last year. The other messages folder is basically the thing you see here:

That's a screenshot of my inbox with the arrow pointing to how you can get into your 'other messages' section.

I honestly wish I had never come across this monstrosity.

I remember the day it happened. I was browsing Facebook through my phone, looking for an old message a friend had sent me. Instead of 'older messages' I accidentally hit 'other messages'. I had previously never even taken that link's existence into consideration. I thought it was just an extension of older messages. Little did I know of the terrible things it contained...

I clicked the link. Suddenly, the number of unread messages I had were 56. FIFTY SIX? I had never had so many unread messages in my life. I was thoroughly confused. Imagine how my confusion increased when I saw this message at the very top:

All I could think of was, 'what the hell is this shit?' As I scrolled further and read the utter ridiculousness in there, it dawned upon me that I was not in the 'older messages' section - rather, this alien place was called 'other' and had some extremely disturbing content that I hadn't come across in the longest time. Here are some gems I have salvaged from that pit of evil:

I kind of feel sorry for this guy.

This stuff is even scarier than your average neighborhood murder. In fact, I think there was a horror movie based on this bundle of eyesores:


Depending on your privacy settings, messages that go into your 'other' folder are usually those which are sent to you by people whom you don't have any mutual friends with. Anyone inboxing you with a mutual friend will probably have their message turn up on your inbox, just like regular messages from your friends do. So this means practically everyone whose message is in your 'other folder' is probably a huge-ass creep with a stalking tendency.

I have never responded to a single other message in my life, and I never plan to. That stuff definitely defines the term 'the scum of Facebook' pretty well. But regardless of the trauma it brings, it also gives you a truckload of entertainment. After the initial shock wore off, I was in tears of laughter!

So guys and girls, if you haven't already, please do check your other messages folder and see the kind of (unwanted) attention being bestowed on you! Make sure you let me know about whatever dirt you have in there. I've heard plenty stories that are way more creepier (and hilarious) than mine, so I'm looking forward to hearing about whatever you've been receiving.

Before I say farewell, here's my personal favorite:

Everything about this perfectly sums up the entire essence of the 'other messages' folder. Also, this particular gem was sent to four people I know... Including my own mother.

TaK3 cArE gUyzz... :o)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Embarrassing Stuff That's Happened To Me In School

Tripping and falling on the staircase in front of everyone

Being called up to the board to solve a question in the subject I was weakest at (in front of everyone who seemingly knew the answer)

Saliva flying out of my mouth and landing on the person in front of me when I was talking too fast

Letting out an extremely stinky (and noisy) fart in the middle of a silent classroom


Guys, I've got some good news. I'm in University now! It's been a tough journey to get here, but I'm grateful for all the craziness I've had to experience these past few years because it's made me who I am today. Since I've begun a new journey on the educational front, I decided to give a tribute to my pre-home-school days, (when I actually went to a real school) through this blog post. I would love to know your embarrassing moments (maybe just so I can feel a little better about mine), so please do share! Here's to new beginnings and a future of (hopefully) less embarrassing events.

p.s. I've changed my drawing style a little, do you like it?

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Zit

It was like any other day.

I woke up late, struggled to get out of bed, and headed straight to the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror and the first thing I saw was...


On the corner of my mouth.

It was the size of an elephant, detracting all attention from my other facial features, hogging the limelight, shining like an active volcano.

Well, in all honesty, it was really tiny, but whatever.

It was my first noticeable zit in a while. Regardless of that fact, I wasn't too perturbed. After all, I was going to be home all day. It would dry up and disappear by the next morning. No one would have to see my face. No one would need to know that a blemish had ever made an appearance. NO ONE.

Until my mum said...

GUESTS?! We hadn't had guests in over a month. Who the bloody heck wanted to pay us a visit when my face decided to decorate itself with Rudolph's red nose?!


Relatives who seemed to have timed their visit perfectly with the day I looked like I attached a clown's nose to the corner of my mouth. Relatives whose evil plan was to see me when my face was not blemish-free, for lord knows what reason. Relatives who made sure to put me through emotional turmoil and excruciating moments of self consciousness with their arrival.


I'm not even exaggerating, okay. For me, at that time, my relatives were evil. They were the enemy.

Anyway, twenty minutes into the gathering, when everyone had made themselves comfortable and had moved on from polite small-talk to actual conversation, a shrill voice rose into the air:



The zit had been noticed.

How could anyone be so cruel? Mocking me, in my own territory? Why point out my blemish in front of more than fifteen people? I mean, dude, seriously. EVERYONE gets zits. It wasn't exactly a very rare sighting. It's not like people come from all over the world to see the phenomenon of a zit erupting on my face. 

"only comes around once in a millennium, folks!"

WHY EVEN MENTION IT?! No one was standing there, giving out a prize for the first person to notice my unfortunate blemish. It wasn't the jubilee round of 'Spot The Zit' going on. Hmph.

In that moment, I utterly despised and abhorred the relative who had pointed my zit out. It was SO awkward, having everyone turn their attention towards me and just stare at my face, trying to locate the source of all the hullabaloo. (OMG did I just use the word 'hullabaloo'? FOR REAL?)

This triggered off a chain of extremely unwanted reactions:

"You should put TOOTHPASTE on it! It will dry up overnight!"
"Pop the damn thing!"
"Whatever you do, don't touch it! It can spread all over your face!"
"My poor baby-waby, gotta wittle pimple?"
"She's just going through a hormonal phase, like I read it up like, online!"


I didn't want the opinions of a million people regarding my little zit. It was MY zit, for goodness' sake! I could have handled the affair quite nicely, were it not for the penchant that some relatives of mine had for stating the obvious. Sigh.

Moving on, the rest of the day went fine, apart from the quick glances people were taking at my poor zit. Towards the end of the day, when the guests had left, I was so exhausted from all that useless banter that I fell asleep early. When I woke up the next morning...

It was still there. Oh well, on the bright side, no guests were coming over.

(OR WERE THEY?!?!?!)

Thursday, November 15, 2012


This is what I look like:

This is what you would assume I looked like if you never saw me and only heard my voice:

This is 3-year-old me. And yes, I have maintained my hairstyle since then.

Believe me, it's true. Whenever I answer the phone at home, people always assume I'm a little girl and ask me in their slow "I'm-the-adult-here" way of speaking to hand over the phone to either my "MUMMY" or "GRANDMUMMY". No one believes by just hearing my voice that I'm an adult myself (or very close to being one anyway). 

It makes me wonder, how different can people actually look from the visions you have in your mind whenever you hear their voice? 

This usually happens to me whenever I listen to the radio. I keep on trying to imagine what the radio jockey looks like just by their voice, and I almost always end up wrong. I regularly have to face sore disappointment if I ever come across an RJ's photo, because seriously, they look absolutely NOTHING like their voices make them seem.

An example of what happened to me:

I heard an RJ's voice on the radio, and found it immensely attractive. The guy sounded hot, funny, and cute. But when I googled him, I was disappointed. He wasn't ugly at all, but he was just... average. It's funny how your perceptions of someone become nearly other-worldy when you get attracted to something of theirs. I got attracted to his voice, and forgot that he's a completely normal person, like you and I. An RJ's job requires them to be heard but not seen, and since you need to apply your own imagination to visualize something your hear, it's almost never the same.

This hasn't just happened with me. When I used to live in Dubai, I had Russian neighbors. Whenever I was bored, I would just walk across to their villa and hang out with them. They were always very welcoming, and were so comfortable with me around that they didn't mind me tagging along with them as they went about doing their chores. One of the members in that Russian household, a lady in her late twenties, was ironing her clothes and telling me about her work. It involved talking to a lot of clients via phone call. She told me that one of the clients of the company she worked in had a very lovely voice. He sounded so charming, so warm, so lively, so sexy that she couldn't help but start obsessing over how he must look like. Only using his voice to work on, she constructed an image of him as a good-looking young gentleman who probably wore his suit everywhere and had a crush-worthy face and a powerful presence. When she heard that he would be visiting her office building soon, she was naturally extremely excited. 

Alas, she said, when he entered the office, her entire vision of him collapsed. He was a short, portly man with a large moustache and a beer gut, and looked like he was somewhere around his 50s. He didn't even have a powerful aura! My neighbor told me that he looked somewhat like a hobo. She was understandably very disappointed.

It was like this for her, and I can totally relate.

My neighbor also confided in me that she was almost in love with his voice. I told her about my radio incident, and we agreed that we both had extremely bad luck (haha).

The above incidents make me totally terrified about finding out who really dubs the voice of Behlul (actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ) in Urdu for the Turkish drama Aski Memnu that has been airing in Pakistan these days (under the name of Ishq-e-Mamnoon). 


I have never loved a guy speaking Urdu so much, and I fear that my vision of the dubbing artist as Behlul himself is at risk to be shattered completely. :(

This brings me to a question I wanted to ask you guys: Do you think YOU could ever fall in love with a voice? And if you ever have, then how was the experience? Were you disappointed when you discovered who owned that voice and how they looked like? Or was it like you found the perfect match to your imagination?

(If you answer in the affirmative to the last question, then I swear I'm positively GREEN with envy. Haha.)