Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Introducing the internet to my cats

Some things never change, like my penchant of being slightly obsessed with cats.

Ever since I was born, there had always been cats around. Be it random stray ones that hung out around our house daily or the ones we actually 'took in', my family has always had a cat as a pet. The only exception was when my sister was born (for health and safety reasons). We waited till she was old enough to adopt a cat again.  

Or like... two.

Blog readers, friends and whatever family members still decide to stalk me on here, it is my pleasure to introduce you to:

Mikuchi and Princy.

These two are super special because they're our very own 'fill-out-adoption-papers-and-save-them-from-being-euthanized' sorts. They aren't just stray cats that forced themselves on us like the others (LOL).

First, we got Mikuchi.

Her name was actually Ella, and she was around two years old when we adopted her. She was apparently found outside a housing complex in another city, abandoned. Being a full-fledged adult cat, she already had a personality that was pretty set in (according to the people who worked at the pet store, she was really 'reserved').

This is her adoption profile (which for some reason is still up on the pet store's website, LOL). Her profile was one of the first ones I clicked on, and I instantly fell in love. After much convincing - which may or may not have involved tears - my family agreed to visit her. She was reluctant to be picked up and held, which seemed like the end of the world for my mum (her dream was to own a cat that would sit on her lap and purr all day) but I just KNEW that I NEEDED to have her. So much that when we returned home after the visit, my cousin and I planned to go by ourselves and bring her home in an Uber (much to the Uber driver's horror). We succeeded in doing so - and now Mikuchi (who STILL doesn't sit on anyone's lap, sorry mum) has been ours for over a year.

She was so tiny and babyish when we adopted her, despite being a full-fledged adult. After the adoption we gave her SO MUCH FOOD that she is now the hefty giant everyone knows and loves:

Mikuchi's name has a proper origin story behind it. Since my family has always owned cats, we paid homage to our two old favourites, Meena and Kuchi, and mashed up their names to make one to replace 'Ella' (the whitest name for a pet if I ever saw one).

Princy came into our lives a few months after Mikuchi. While Mikuchi seemed really chill at home, my mum was somehow CONVINCED that she needed a friend (this may or may not have been an excuse for her to adopt another cat that would finally sit on her lap). 

We came across an adoption event on Facebook that was apparently held every Friday. We saw Princy listed - this time it was my mum who fell in love and wouldn't hear a single word otherwise. She NEEDED Princy (who, btw, was actually named 'Stardust' - yuck?). So, yet again, I was the one going to the store to make another adoption.

Before reaching the adoption event, I had already informed the organizers that I would be coming to see a specific cat and not to give her to anyone until I reached. They were nice enough to agree, and when I got there I saw Princy for the first time.

Here she is, looking super small and forlorn in a display box.

She looked so freaking.... DAINTY. I mean, look at her. So tiny and cute! I knew that getting her for our home would be a good choice. It's usually advised not to put two adult female cats (or two adult male cats) together due to territorial issues, but Princy looked so non-confrontational that I felt like everything would be okay (spoiler: it indeed was). Speaking to the people who worked at the store, I learned that Princy was also abandoned in another city - most likely after being used for breeding kittens :(. She was so small herself!

After bringing her home, she settled in within two days. She loves being around my little sister, which is such a blessing because we never have to worry about either of them getting hurt. It's been almost a year since we've had her and it's been really great.

Princy's name came into being for the simple reason that she looked like a Princess but actually naming her 'Princess' would be too basic. We initially thought Dusty would be a cute name too, but then it would look like we were throwing shade on her grey fur (which does shed like dust, now that I think about it...), so that idea was scrapped fast. And we REALLY did not want to stick with Stardust. I swear, why are white people allowed to name animals?

In terms of the general public, Princy is a bit more popular... probably because people feel sorry for her. She literally looks like she's about to cry at any given second.

People are kind of right in picking her as the cat they'd prefer to interact with, though. While Mikuchi doesn't really care much for people, Princy is all about attention. She likes to talk a LOT, so she'll meow at anyone and anything that even glances in her direction. She loves being around noise, so she'll happily sleep amidst the chatter of people around her.

Results of an Instagram poll I made.

Out of the two, my personal favourite is Mikuchi. It's probably because I was the only one who wanted her initially (everyone loves her equally now) and I like quiet cats who keep to themselves. I mean, I would never say no to cuddles but having a super chill cat is really the best. Princy is obviously my mum's and sister's favourite, because they love having a needy and noisy cat around...... Lol.

So yeah. I thought it would be nice to make a formal introduction of my cats to the world - just so everyone knows who I'm referencing when I talk about them. To end this post, here's a picture of the cats being Yin and Yang.

No difference spotted.

See you really soon,


Saturday, July 28, 2018

Deep-diving into my blog stats

Now that I'm getting the hang of actually writing blog posts again, I'm trying to re-familiarize myself with all the other aspects of blogging. I already played around with the template and widgets (essentially changing the entire look of this blog), so I know I retained SOME knowledge on how to work dis biiiitch.

Me, clearly having the time of my life analyzing my blog stats and writing this post

Something I used to obsess over as a teen were the statistics my blog used to bring in. Daily, monthly, weekly, yearly - I was on it all. When my blog first reached 100,000 unique hits I was so stoked. Looking at the locations people were coming in from, the search terms that brought them in, the highest viewed posts and the times of day traffic was most - it was all really exciting.

So, I decided to have a look at all of that again. I know that with me literally posting nothing since the past four years, the stats would be quite different from when I used to check them before. Being brave, I went straight into All-Time.

As you can see, the highest ever traffic on my blog was in the 2010-2012 range. This makes sense, because I was most active around this time, and so was literally everyone else on Blogger. People used to post MULTIPLE times a day. I know that's literally unheard of in this day and age... but yeah. Blogger used to be a LIT party back then. My posts from 2010 are so freaking cringey. In fact, let me see if I can dig up something from that prehistoric era.


Um... back to the stats. Not sure why the spike in 2014 occurred (unless I underestimated the interest in the one-off post about my 20th birthday).

Let's take a look at where all these views are actually from.

Interesting. Loads of traffic from my homeboys in Pakistan and India. I'm pretty sure all the hits from UAE are me alone LOL. I'm surprised to see China and Russia on the list... But it's the internet, so anything is possible.

So how did all these people actually get here?

Looks about normal. People coming in from Google, Twitter, typing in the URL.... wait.

This caught my interest. 800 hits from a website called Kids Learn To Blog. Did someone.... is my blog....

I went to investigate.

Upon clicking the link, I was taken to a cute little website that was designed for kids, filled with posts on how to start/maintain a blog. That shit is actually so nice - it makes my heart warm that someone's out there looking out for kids who need help to set up their own space online. But what really surprised me was this...

NO WAY. EXAMPLES? Best kids blogs? SUBLIME???? Yo, that's a top tier compliment. You can't just throw around a word like 'sublime'.

Scrolled a little more and...
Click on the image to go to the page and see it for yourself!

ASDFGHJKL THAT'S ME!!!!!! When I saw this, I was literally SHOOK. First of all, even making a list on a random part of the internet is a big deal for me. But to actually have a BLURB about my blog... like... someone actually summarized my blog for a list. Someone said I had INGENUITY. Someone actually thought I was worthy enough to be a BEST KID BLOG.

((We're just gonna ignore the fact that I never wrote anything targeted towards kids.... okay? We're also going to ignore that I never had a favourite 'word of the week'....))

To think that almost 900 people visited my blog because it was listed as a 'Best Kid Blog' on some website (realistically, only eight or so must have actually shown any interest in the contents of it after clicking hahaha).... So so cool.

After feeling really good about myself for this achievement (for doing absolutely nothing except word vomit about my life), I thought to seek out the person who actually deemed me worthy of this list. Not hard considering she was marked as the author of the post.

I present to you...

Dr. Patricia, whoever you are... thanks girl.

Aaaaand that conducts my deep-dive. I really went down a rabbit hole there, and ended up finding out a lot more about my blog than I expected. I don't know what to do with all this information though. A part of me wants to contact Dr. Patricia and thank her for deeming me worthy of such a list (which actually does have other, really cool blogs on it as well btw)... But a part of me is scared that if I contact her, she'll see the state of my blog now and take it off her list. LOL.

Should I do more online deep-dives in other areas of my blog-related life? I am actually starting to think that it would be a really good idea to dig out some gems from the past. Or, it could end up in disaster. Either way, it would be pretty entertaining!

See you really soon,


Wednesday, July 18, 2018




Four years ago, I abandoned this blog. Not because of any particular incident, but because I simply lost the drive and incentive to write. Blogging used to bring me loads of happiness back when I was a teenager - mostly because it served as a distraction from my homeschooling, a place to overshare stories about my work, and it also unintentionally became an avenue to meet loads of like-minded people (some of whom are still my friends to this date).

I still don't really have any proper incentive to blog. I'm not exactly overjoyed typing all this out. Like I'm pretty sure my writing has gotten shittier... But I'm still gonna try. I've been feeling pretty low about myself and I have around a month of free time on my hands (will definitely update everyone - or no one in particular LOLLL - about what I've been up to all these years) so I want to make use of it.

I drafted all the previous posts. Not because I want to 'start afresh' or anything dramatic like that... it's literally because the freaking font won't change and I am trying to go for a more monochromatic effect as opposed to the bright neon colours I previously used on a black backdrop LOL. So once I figure that out I'll probably republish them (edit: they're back up now!).

Here's a really recent picture of me (literally taken a day ago)


See you really soon,