Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sims 3 Is Evil

if there's any game i have lusted after since as long as i can remember, it is Sims. it has always been my dream to control the entire lives of human simulations and make them do as i please. with Sims 3 being the coolest version yet, i was positively drooling for it. but since it was pretty expensive and my brother had already used up his all the 'money saved up for PlayStation 3 games' that we had accumulated on some other useless game, there was no way to obtain Sims 3.

'til yesterday, that is. my brother had found out that one of his friends owned Sims 3, and she was willing to let him borrow it for a little while (i.e. till she came back from her vacation in a few weeks). she came to our house last night and handed the CD over. as soon as she left, i snatched the CD from my brother and stared at it in all its glory, in half excitement and half disbelief.

yes, this was my exact expression.

we instantly put the CD in our PlayStation and began playing. the feeling of joy i had at that very moment was indescribable. i created an entire household that looked (almost) exactly like the members of my family. i built a home and furnished it. i played with my little Sims and controlled their every move, just as i had always desired to. what happened next looks like this:

i must have spent a good two hours on it, struggling to keep my eyes open (it was late at night) before i finally decided to go to bed and continue playing the next day. i then remembered the existence of my phone, and when i checked it i was surprised to see loads of missed calls and this:

well not exactly this, but you get the picture.

i was totally engrossed in the game, so much that i ignored almost every call and text message on my phone. i was so completely lost in the lives of the Sims that i had forgotten the fact that stuff happening in the real world was way more important.

i suddenly realized what i had done. i had ignored everyone just so i could play a measly game. never mind the fact that i had waited to play it for a year, or that i would have to return it soon. my heart had been replaced with the Sims 3 CD. i was a horrid, terrible, evil person. BAD DOBBY!

this was me when the realization had struck.

anyway, i apologized to everyone and then made the decision that i would no longer play Sims 3 ever again. it was just way too distracting, therefore making me unable to talk to/text anyone while playing the game at the same time. i applaud everyone who can handle their Sims' life and their own and not be an epic fail at either one. i had my share of playing it, and now i have given up the responsibility to my brother. so today, the entire day, my brother has been handling the household i created and is really enjoying himself (and his friends don't mind either). 

moral of the story: SIMS 3 IS EVIL AND DISTRACTING. 

or maybe this entire thing proves that i suck at multitasking.