Friday, October 21, 2011

weight & health

Weight issues are something that I have never had. I’ve always been content with how much I weigh and how I look. I had always been chubby during my childhood and my early teen years, but I had never let that affect my eating habits or my self esteem.

Recently, a lot of people have been telling me that I’ve gained weight. This doesn’t exactly bother me in terms of appearance, but I am slightly concerned about how this is affecting my health.

Since this past month (and a little before that), I have fallen victim to ‘comfort food’, a term used for food eaten when in need of something to distract oneself in tension/sadness. This means I have been stacking up on French fries, ice cream, cookies, candy, popcorn and soft drinks more than I ought to whenever I feel a little stressed out at work.

At first I thought a little comfort food wouldn’t make a difference. But when I actually took a few moments to think about it (and when comments about my weight kept increasing), I realized that I was unnecessarily consuming most of these things. I was gorging on junk when I wasn’t even hungry. I had replaced my intake of water with Pepsi or 7up. In school, we’re teaching the students about ‘healthy foods’. We even got a doctor to come and make a presentation about how healthy and junk foods affect our bodies. That simple Kindergarten unit made me think about what I eat and how much of it affects my body in a negative way. To be completely honest, I have been feeling a little lazier and heavier than usual these days.

Getting to the point, I don’t mind being a little chubby, regardless of how many times my brother calls me ‘fatty’ and how random relatives tell me that my face has become rounder than before and how my tummy looks ‘fuller’ than it usually used to. What I really want to do is take care of myself. This will be easy if I cut down on all the unnecessary junk food I eat. I don’t think I need to have fries and ice cream and soft drinks EVERY day.

My mum told me that I should exercise a bit after coming home from school. A few months ago I used to work out at home quite a lot, and that helped me keep myself feeling good and active. I think I should take that up again. Apart from toning me, it’ll help in exerting all the negative energy I have in a productive way.

The reason I posted about this here is because I need a little motivation to get things going. I don't really care about the numbers on the scale, it's just the feeling of being fit that I want to get back again. I need positive vibes from all of you and honestly I think it’ll really help if you all could encourage me in staying healthy.

Plus, if my effort and your encouragement result in me actually becoming slimmer and sexier, then that’s really great, don’t you think? :D
Much love.