Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Blogger Meet Up

on Saturday, June 4th, i attended a Blogger Meet Up at the Ambassador Hall in Marriot Hotel.

it was hosted by Dell and Mobilink, who were giving bloggers a 'sneak peek' of the new Dell Streak 5.

yeah, this.

i can't remember what time i arrived, because my memory sucks like that. anyway, i was greeted quite politely by two ladies who escorted me to the Ambassador Hall.

yes, i am actually this short and was this happy to be there.

Russian Bear arrived around the same time as i did so we both went inside together. we sat next to each other and starting talking about everything (since we know each other already).

we were looking at everybody and noticed Hamza Bin Ladin and his friend (Ateeq Mughal) sitting together. i was all: OMG IT'S HAMZA OMG! i must have annoyed him by whispering his name fifty million times haha.

then, the presentation started. a girl introduced the product. i could tell she was super nervous because she was stammering throughout her entire speech:

she was soon replaced with a guy whose occupation i cannot remember. he was important, though. then there was this competition which involved Twitter and Facebook, two social networking websites which i barely use. and a Q&A session, with the person answering questions about the product correctly winning a gift. we were all handed brochures, in which Hamza, Russian Bear and I instantly noticed a misprint (they printed the weight of the Dell Streak 5 in the 'height' section).

during that time, i was getting hungry. i asked Hamza whether we would be served any food, and when he replied in the affirmative, all thoughts of the Dell Streak 5 flew out of my mind and was replaced with:

when the presentation was over, i grabbed Russian Bear and we rushed to where they were serving tea + edible stuff. the tea was mediocre but the sandwiches and cake were pretty good.

it was there i got to speak with Ahmed Yoosuf, a really cool blogger from Sri Lanka. HE WAS SO INTRIGUING! i wanted to ask him loads of questions but i didn't want to come across as annoying.

and then, the saddest part of the day: HAMZA REJECTED MY HIGH-FIVE. yeah. i won't even get into the details of that. -_-

overall, the entire event was not so bad. i did learn a little about the product (i think it's really fancy) and got to meet some super awesome bloggers. i was hoping we would have all gotten a free Dell Streak 5, but alas.

left to right: Russian Bear, Hamza, Ahmed, Ateeq

since we all didn't get a group shot, i drew them hahaha. and yes, they're all holding hands (SORRY GUYS :D)


for more details, you can check out:
Hamza's post (there's a picture of us here :D)
Ahmed's post
Ateeq's post 


or you could just buy the product. you know, if you're super rich and all that shizz.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Twisted Antics of My Childhood

all of us have done something strange during our childhood years. we've had our share of quirks and faults and moments where we've been caught doing something (innocently) weird and awkward when we were little.

some of my childhood weirdness has still stuck with me during my teenage years (proof above). but that's not what i'm going to talk about in this post. i'm going to enlighten you guys on the stuff that i've thankfully stopped doing, and the strange kiddish habits that i am glad to have grown out of.

i used to indulge in a lot of activities that might never be considered 'normal' for a child. some of these include:

chewing on the limbs of my dolls
it started when i was 3 years old, when i first got a taste of sleeping away from my mum whenever she used to go out at night with my dad. on those particular nights i used to sleep in a tiny, comfortable bed in my grandparents' room, and have my grandmum tuck me in each night. i used to enjoy the quality time i spent with my grandparents, but on one night, i was super cranky and decided that i really missed my mum and wanted to sleep between my parents on their bed, no matter what. since my mum and dad were out, and my grandparents were not in their room at that particular moment, i got extremely irritated and wanted to take out my frustration in the most attention-grabbing way possible. 
due to the fact that i was too young to think of all the absurd things that i was capable of doing to achieve the reaction i wanted, i did the first thing that came to my mind: grab a Waitress Barbie doll directly in my line of sight and take out my anger on her in doll-talk. when that didn't prove satisfactory, i got even more annoyed and did the most unladylike thing i could have ever done at that moment: viciously gnawed on the Waitress Barbie doll's arm.

it was fifteen minutes into that barbaric act when my sense snapped back into me and i realized what i was doing. i slowly unclenched my jaw and freed the Waitress Barbie doll's arm from my mouth, and when i looked at it, i let out a huge shriek. the doll's arm was a hideously mangled mess. it then dawned on me that i had destroyed something dear to me just because of a mood swing, and that made me really, really upset. i started wailing and crying at the top of my voice. it took me a couple of days to get over it.
once the OMG-i-killed-Waitress-Barbie phase was over, i realized that maybe the idea of putting a doll's limb in my mouth wasn't such a bad idea, and i had just taken it a little too far on the first try. the soft plastic of my other Barbies' legs and arms became a temptation. whilst playing with them i nibbled here and there, and began to gently chew on them when i was out of other stuff to do. this carried on for a couple of years, till i had perfected the act of chewing and left no marks at all. 
i can't remember how i stopped.

eating the biscuit part of an Oreo and leaving the cream
this practically made me an outcast among my first and second grade peeps. all the children used to do the 'in' thing in school: lick the white cream of the Oreo cookie and discard the black biscuit part. i on the other hand, used to scrape the white cream off the nearest surface and devour the biscuit with pleasure that was not understandable to anyone my age or below.

them (with cream in their mouths)

NO ONE GOT THAT I DIDN'T LIKE THE CREAM. i just didn't. i was ridiculed for this act of not-cream-liking for at least two years. and then Chips Ahoy became the new thing to eat.

imagining every person under a motorcycle helmet to be a total hero
this was something i had decided to take with me to the grave, but i feel like talking about it all of a sudden. so yeah, i might regret it later because it is one of the most embarrassing parts of my little-girl-ness. 
from ages 4 to 7, whenever i saw a motorcyclist wearing a helmet that covered his entire face, i always imagined the face underneath to me something like this:

hence making all motorcyclists with helmets+visors look like this to me:

even though it was apparent to the rest of the world that those guys must have been 30-year-old uncles or pimply teenagers or just extremely plain-looking human beings. I HAD A CRUSH ON EVERY MOTORCYCLIST WITH A NON-VISIBLE FACE. you can laugh now.

favouring the colour black in every drawing
when i was in preschool, all my teachers were worried. they thought i was a disturbed child, solely on the basis that while all my fellow classmates were making pretty pictures out of bright colours, i was scribbling away with a single black colour pencil on whatever drawing assignment i had been given to do. my mum was not at all perturbed. she said i was a happy child and encouraged me to draw as i pleased. the teachers all showed their concern, but little-me proved them wrong by starting to use bright colours after a while.

teacher and i.

i never stopped with the bright-colour-usage after that. just look at my blog. :P and my favourite colour is orange since as long as i can remember.


speaking of remembering, this is all i can remember for now :O which is enough to give you an idea of how strangely i used to behave when i was a child. oh well. 
i am glad to have changed. i stopped playing with dolls when i was 11. i can't remember the last time i ate an Oreo. i barely spare a glance at motorcyclists. i love colours.
please make me feel better about little-girl-me and share your weird childhood behavior, too! i would love to know how weird we've all been as little kids.


this is a repost.  i added the drawings.