Monday, November 5, 2012

My First Rejection

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Today, I have decided to share one of my deepest, darkest secrets that I had been planning to take to the grave with me. But since I now find humour in this situation, I'm so totally writing a blog post about it!

This is the story of how I got rejected by one of the strongest crushes I have ever had.

I was only 13 when this incident happened. To this day, I'm still unsure about his age, though I'd probably say he was 15 when I first saw him.

To me, he looked like:

But in reality, he looked like:

I think puppy love does that to a person. It totally muddles up the brain and makes everything look wonderful when it's actually quite... average. I was a victim of this brain-mess-up! My friends had no idea what I saw in him (five years later, neither do I).

This epic crush-story began in the...


Unlike the conventional bright yellow school buses the entire universe is accustomed to, my school bus was a strange shade of GREEN. (I think the colour contributed a whole lot to the 'strange' feelings felt in its confines.) 

Here's an incredibly detailed drawing I made to give all of you a crystal clear idea of the bus:

my drawings are just too vivid! :')

It all started during the middle of the first week of school. I got on the bus in the morning, made my way to the back where most of the girls usually sat. In the hour-long bus ride, we picked many students from their respective homes. Every time the bus stopped, a casual glance was directed towards the bus door in mild interest to see who was coming in.




It was exactly like this, minus the yellow background and floating hearts.

So began the stupidest and longest crush I ever had.

It went on for around nearly the entire school year, of which I spent 75% of the time staring at the back of his head with all my concentration, waiting for him to feel the telepathic waves I was sending him across the school bus. Since I was 13 at that time, I was way less gutsy and confident than I am now, hence "making the first move" was so totally not what I was ready to do.

During the first few months of this crush, he never even noticed my existence! Every time in the afternoon when I had to walk from the back of the bus to the front to exit it once my stop came, I passed him with my breath held and my heart jammed in my throat. AND HE NEVER NOTICED. Granted, I was going through my awkward stage that time and was, to put it kindly, not much of a looker, but it was pretty disappointing that I was a completely invisible person to him. I could have been one of the many pieces of used gum stuck under the bus seats for all he cared.

Anyway, doing what any unnoticed socially awkward teen does best, I stalked him on Facebook. I found his profile, and since his privacy settings weren't so strict, I could see one of his photo albums.

Ladies and gentlemen, that album was called:


Now, if back then I were the way I am right now, I would have laughed my butt off and given up instantly. After all, what scrawny teen with no muscles posing in his tiled bathroom (with his t-shirt sleeves rolled up to show what were clearly not biceps but STICKS) would call himself a 'BODYBUILDER"? And what intelligent girl would fall for someone who thought the epitome of high-school success was to look like a complete douchebag?

Alas, I was a dumb fool, because at that time, my 13 year old mind processed this:

I added the duckface purely because i think he was quite capable of making it.

as this:

Image credit:

Yeah. I was an idiot.

Moving on, even though I stalked his Facebook profile a zillion times, I didn't have the courage to add him up for atleast a few months. One day, I mustered up all my courage and sent him a friend request. To my dismay, the next day he declined it and then BLOCKED ME. After being emo about it for a while, I trusted a good friend of mine to add him through her account, become friendly with him and then find out what he thought about me (because at that time, I was a persistent girl). After much convincing, my friend agreed to do my dirty work (and she was so lazy it took her like a couple of weeks just to add him). She became his Facebook friend and began Operation: Become My Friend's Crush's Friend.

FINALLY, after an agonizing month and a half, she came to me with news. But to my utmost horror, instead of just asking my crush what he thought about me, she TOLD HIM THAT I HAD A MASSIVE CRUSH ON HIM!!! That was so not my plan. I didn't want him to think that I liked him, let alone the fact that I obsessed over him every moment of everyday. I was so mad at my friend, but the feeling of anxiety and anticipation for his reply trumped that. 



My dismay was also partially due to realizing that both my arms were sticking out from the left side of my body.

TOTALLY NOT HIS TYPE?! That was something I had never heard before regarding myself. I mean, what made me "totally not his type"? He didn't even know me!

The rage and sadness that ensued for the rest of the school year was pretty awful. I had to share the school bus with that evil cow, the guy who judged me before even knowing me. Here I was, holding the largest crush I had ever had in my heart, being all "omg-he's-so-cute" whenever the topic of him arose, and there he was being all "omg-she's-not-my-type-lolz"!

Obviously, the crush faded away very quickly after the rejection of my feelings. What I felt, though not being a 'heartbreak' (I was too young for that, seriously), was enough for me to realize that the idiot was not worth it. That, and the fact that another guy started taking interest in me so my attention was diverted to him (trust me, my middle and high school life involved a lot of better looking guys).

Today, around 5+ years later, this incident may not have played a role in changing the way I am as a person, but it has made me thankful about how I left middle and high school puppy love behind. And of course, when that idiot friend requested me a couple of days ago (I guess he unblocked me somewhere along the line), I declined his request and blocked him with a smile on my face.


Daniyal said...

This Must Have Been The Funniest Post I've Read To Date, Especially The PhotoAlbum Wali Baat. That Made Me Laugh Like Rolling-On-The-Floor-Laughing-Falling-Of-The-Fifth-Floor.

This Dude Was Hilarious, You Should Probably See Where He Is Now And How Much His Photoalbum Has Progressed. :p

The Other Funny Thing In This Post Is Your Drawings, Uber Drawing Skillz Along With The Duck Faced Awesomelistic Painting. <3 :P

Ghadeer said...

Hahaha this is the cutest story ever!

quartertoinsane said...

hahahaha i liked the end, although and evil grin instead of a smile would have been more appropriate

kafili said...

You did right to him
Exactly same thing happened to me...... at first that girls approached me and then refused me by saying "I don't need him on party" Although I wasn't worth her at that time but today almost after 4 years whenever I think about her I laughed on me "How much I was Mad for her"........ But after refusing by her my crush was almost over..... and Today I don't have any feelings for her.......

Anyway thanks for a lovely post and thanks for reminds me my longest crush from nov/dec 2006 to almost July 2008.......:-)

Hanis. said...

He shouldn't have blocked you. Yuckness. I'm glad you moved on! This post reminds me of my own old crushes ...

Julianne said...

Your drawing are hilarious and they add a little quirky twist to your stories. They make me so happy.

There was a summer student at the local library that my friends and I kind of befriended. I had the theory that his not-student-at-library self was a huge tool, so someone added him on facebook. Not only was his profile pic was him being kissed on the cheeks by two girls on the beach, but there were weekly pictures of him measuring his bicep. We laughed so hard.

The Lady of Green Origin said...

AHAHAHA. I have a story somewhat similar to this one. And I'm going to tell you because I can:

My story starts in junior high school. When I was in 8th grade, all of the cool kids would hang out at a park downtown called 'Peace Park'. Where they would sit in a circle and climb the Peace Tree and cause talk to hobos etc.. And me, being the COOLEST teenager on the face of the earth (I wished), hung out there constantly. Sometimes other groups of older kids would show up and ignore us or poke fun at us little 'uns. One such group is where I came across HIM.

He was not older than I, but he did attend the local hippie/roots school and therefore I did not know him. They were nice and invited us to join their group. As I gazed transfixed upon his face from across the circle, he looked up and as smooth as whipped topping simply said, "Hello there." And it sent my little ninth-grade-head reeling in tiny hand-drawn hearts with his name in them.

As soon as I got home I added him on myspace. Facebook had not yet peaked in popularity. I sent him a message saying "Hi!" and waited. I waited and waited and waited. Days passed. Weeks. And finally after weeks of waiting in despair, I contacted him again.


No response.

One day, talking to one of my best friends, I relayed these happenings to her. She became quiet for a moment and then looked me straight in the eye and said, "I'll fix this." Having no idea what she meant by that, I didn't think much of it.

The next day, however, I was surprised to see that I had a message on myspace and *squeal* it was from HIM.

Filled with hope and joy and so many other wonderful things, I opened it to see the following message:

"How the fuck did you get my phone number?"

Shocked and slightly embarrassed, I answered with a puzzled, "What?"

He replied simply: "Don't contact me again."

Apparently my friend had gotten ahold of his phone number, called him multiple times and threatened him to message me back.

To this day I still have no idea what possessed her to do it.

Thanks for sharing, as usual!
You're awesomesauce.


Ash said...

Good ole' high school crushes. When we look back, we wonder what the hell we were thinking.

It's hilarious seeing little kids (they essentially still are, even if they're in their teens) with their 'relationships' (I work in a school, to anyone who thinks I stalk little kids). It's hilarious to me seeing these little people walk around thinking they have deep feelings for each other. It really is puppy love.

I have a cringeworthy story or two about my own highschool situations, but they're stories for another time...

eddiesdomain said...

*Clips his nails in nervousness* *hides all his body building albums from his fiance " :O :P


IceMaiden said...

HAHAHHAHAHHAH! I think we all have school crush stories! I spent all the time between 6th grade and 10th grade being hopelessly in LOVE with this older guy, who had no idea I existed. :| :| But then he flunked 10th grade and instantly it was all gone. :P :P

Rafya Sweets said...

Hahaaaa The bathroom tiles and a body builder :D crazzy lil story and fun to read.

And It must've made you " haa.. My turn now :D" when yoy rejected his request!! :p

the other side of me said...

hahhah..i had tiring day and thanks to u i had a good laugh now..Hmm..I suppose now that guy isnt ur type either..anyways..good to see u blogging frequently nowadays..

I miss this place..:)

ChickLitGirl said...

I hate boys, srsly.
This hot guy found out I liked him, and LAUGHED AT ME. Then told me he told his friends and THEY LAUGHED AT ME TOO.
Worst day ov ma lyf.

Lioness Without A Pride said...

I can literally - literally - rewrite this post with just a few minor changes here and there, I kid you not. 0_o I think he even looked like your crush did!

This made me laugh so much though :D So glad you're back, thank god for you! <3

I too think back to that time in my life and can't help getting a "Oh-You-Big-Goof" grin on my face :D
Gotta love adolescent hormones!

Tazeen said...

I missed this. This is good.

Anuradha said...

HAHAHAHA I LAUGHED SO HARD, I've had crushes on a number of idiots when I was younger XD All those stupid adolescent hormones. Your post was so funny, the drawings were excellent. Totally made my day. <3

Laterally Moved. said...

This story was awesome! We've all been through that, a crazy puppy love crush something that in the end, he didn't even know we existed. Hahaha.

ME said...


The guy i had a massive crush/fell in love with went with me in the same van. He sat at the extreme back and i at the extreme front. And i was like obsessed over him for months, (DID I MENTION I WAS 13 TOO?), and he posted pictures of himself in these huge sun glasses and in hoodies, trying to be gothic. Hahaha.

And then one of my friends got to know that i liked him so she like goes to him and asks him that does he likes me? And he was like NO NO NO NO NO and then blocked me.


PurpleMist. said...


Fida Bosu said...

Lolz.. So evil! And good that you declined his friend request.. what goes around come around right?! hehehe..

Asinastra Nightshade said...

You're so amazingly hilarious.

And I love that you blocked him back. Seriously, love you for that. Cheers.

PS, you do the best drawings EVER.

Furree Katt said...

@Daniyal, HAHAHA, thank you so much! Your comment made my day. I didn't bother checking his profile when he added me, though I suppose it would be interesting to see whether he's actually made some muscles on those stick-like arms or not.
Yay, thanks again :D I'm glad you enjoyed the post and the drawings! I enjoyed making them too.

@Ghadeer, LOL, really? Thank you :)

@quartertoinsane, Haha thank you :D and yes, a grin would have been more appropriate, but i distinctly remember only smiling. Teehee!

@Kafili, Thank you :D and thanks for sharing your story! I'm glad you got over your feelings for that girl, she doesn't sound worth it hahaha.

@Hanis, I know! His loss, though. I LOLed at 'yuckness'!

@Julianne, thank you sooo much ♥
and OMG, haha that is too funny. The bicep part, especially!

@The Lady of Green Origin, OMG HAHAHAHA. Your story beats mine, any day! You ought to post it on your blog. I'm sorry I laughed too hard at it, and even showed my mum. She found it adorable. I can totally imagine how you felt waiting for his reply. I think that guy was really too mean with you, and it's seriously his loss because you are just sooo pretty and funny and talented. Your friend behaved like mine did, except your friend's antics were more psychotic hahaha. LOVE YOU JESSI thanks for sharing your epic storyyy ♥

@Ash, I completely agree with you! Even when I was working as a teacher, the senior students used to behave as if they've found their soul-mates (and they had like multiple soulmates LOL). I NEED TO READ YOUR STORIES. BLOG ABOUT THEM AND MAKE US CRINGE!


@IceMaiden, Haha that is SO funny! I'm glad you got over him once he flunked out. Seriously, pretty and smart girls don't deserve dumb foolz.

@Rafya, I'm glad you liked it, haha. Thanks :) :)
And yeah, I guess you can say that! It really was 'my turn', and I enjoyed taking my (very belated) revenge.

@the other side of me, Thank you ♥ I'm glad i could make you laugh! And yes he's seriously not my type (thank goodness). Missed YOU!

@ChickLitGirl, I agree! BOYS SUCK. And awww, I hate guys who do that :( I hope my ex-crush did not tell all his friends that would be mortifying :O

@Lioness Without A Pride, DUDE YOU NEED TO TELL ME YOUR STORY SOMEDAY. And by someday, I mean the second you read this comment, FB MSG ME LOLZ.
Thank you LWAP ♥ I'm glad to be back! Thank goodness for amazing followers + best friends + commenters like YOU. Mwah. And yes, gotta luv dem hormonex.

@Tazeen, :D Thank you so much Tazeen ♥ I missed YOUUU!

@Anuradha, Haha YAY I'm glad I made you laugh :D Thank you so much ♥ ♥

@Laterally Moved, Haha thank you :) in a way I'm glad so many people have been through it, we can all empathize and support each other this way hahaha.

@ME, OMG hahaha. School vans are much smaller than school buses so I can imagine the feelings must have been double in the confined space! :O And that guy was seriously mean, what a douche :P

@PurpleMist, Thank you :D

@Fida Bosu, Hahaha yes! I swear, karma bit him on the ass!

@Asinastra Nightshade, YAY, I'm glad you think so. Haha love you more :D I'm glad I blocked him too! He deserved it. And thank you, that means a lot ♥

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I used to think that the greatest blunder in the history of mankind was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour but NOW I know I was WRONG. I mean, someone must really, REALLY thick to reject YOU. AND ALSO ON PATHETIC GROUNDS; 'NOT MY TYPE'.

I mean, 'I'm gay' or 'She's too good for me' might have been a valid reason. On second thought:I think the 'She's too good for me' is the ONLY valid reason as you can make gays go straight. :P



Mr. Gargus said...

This is hilarious! Although, while he judged you without knowing you, you also thought you were in love with him when you didn't know him either lol but that's why we grow up and mature, and then we can all laugh at how dumb we were in middle and high school. Great post :)

Martin Alexander said...

Three cheers for a new entry!
Your first crush was at 13?? That's like being in the 8th grade! I remember mine being in the first grade. I suppose I was a highly impressionable little bastard.

To be fair, if I were to re-live my childhood, I'm sure it would happen exactly the same.

I was starting to think that maybe green school buses would be pretty cool, until I ran an image search. I'll stick to the banana-yellow ones (I refuse to call it a "cheese" bus), thanks.

And you just gained an extra +1,000 awesome points for having drawn the duckface, mwahaha. Hunt this guy down and show him this post!

PS- these latest captcha tests are getting really hard to see!

Dorsey Sprouls said...

I think the captions under the drawings have made my day, no, month, no YEAR.

Furree Katt said...

@Hamza Bin Ladin, HAHAHAHA DUDE. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your comment was the best and funniest comment I have read in ages. Oh lord. Though I disagree with you a whole lot, I can't thank you enough! :P
I'm so glad you thought this post was funny, man all I ever wanted was an approval from you. THE KING BLOGGER. ♥

@Mr. Gargus, Thank you! :D Though to be honest, it wasn't love at all, hence my constant stress on 'crush' throughout the post. And yeah I'm glad I have this memory so that I can make fun of it whenever I want and make others laugh too! Thanks for the comment it's great to see you on my blog againnnn ♥

@Martin, Hip hip hooray!!!! (x3)
My first crush wasn't at 13, don't worry. This was just my first rejection, hahaha. And yeah seriously, yellow school buses RULE. Thank you again :D and yeah I'm thinking of removing the captcha but I'm soooo afraid of spam :(

@Dorsey, YAYYYYY thank you so much for following me! I'm honored. And I'm SO GLAD that you noticed. I feel like achieved something. :D Thanks again ♥!

Aiza Tariq said...

Trust me. You are adorable and so talented. Don't let them get to you :'D Seriously the drawings are so funny haha. Loved this post girl! <3

Laila N Mysis said...



I really would have LOL-ed, but I'm too tired. Internally, though, I was cracking up. This has to be the most amusing post I've seen in a while. I lurrrrr-v your way of expressing yourself - your little pictures are priceless. And I guess I'm not that relatable in this sense (I've stuck to the boys-smell phase for a lonnnnnng time... one day, perhaps), but gosh, I know a million girls who'd relate. I swear this is the story of my sister's life ^^

For this alone I'm following you x)

Furree Katt said...

@Aiza, Thank you so much! :)

@Laila N Mysis, LOL I'm glad I made you laugh internally. Thank you loads and loads for following ♥

Dania said...

This was so funny! And made me remember how I had a crazy crush on a guy when I was 13 and I told him but he was nice and said he didn't like me back in the same way I did. I guess that's nice? But it was heart breaking for 13 year old me. I never really got over him. It's funny because even I had that gorgeous kinda guy image in my head about him.

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