Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Blogger Meet Up

on Saturday, June 4th, i attended a Blogger Meet Up at the Ambassador Hall in Marriot Hotel.

it was hosted by Dell and Mobilink, who were giving bloggers a 'sneak peek' of the new Dell Streak 5.

yeah, this.

i can't remember what time i arrived, because my memory sucks like that. anyway, i was greeted quite politely by two ladies who escorted me to the Ambassador Hall.

yes, i am actually this short and was this happy to be there.

Russian Bear arrived around the same time as i did so we both went inside together. we sat next to each other and starting talking about everything (since we know each other already).

we were looking at everybody and noticed Hamza Bin Ladin and his friend (Ateeq Mughal) sitting together. i was all: OMG IT'S HAMZA OMG! i must have annoyed him by whispering his name fifty million times haha.

then, the presentation started. a girl introduced the product. i could tell she was super nervous because she was stammering throughout her entire speech:

she was soon replaced with a guy whose occupation i cannot remember. he was important, though. then there was this competition which involved Twitter and Facebook, two social networking websites which i barely use. and a Q&A session, with the person answering questions about the product correctly winning a gift. we were all handed brochures, in which Hamza, Russian Bear and I instantly noticed a misprint (they printed the weight of the Dell Streak 5 in the 'height' section).

during that time, i was getting hungry. i asked Hamza whether we would be served any food, and when he replied in the affirmative, all thoughts of the Dell Streak 5 flew out of my mind and was replaced with:

when the presentation was over, i grabbed Russian Bear and we rushed to where they were serving tea + edible stuff. the tea was mediocre but the sandwiches and cake were pretty good.

it was there i got to speak with Ahmed Yoosuf, a really cool blogger from Sri Lanka. HE WAS SO INTRIGUING! i wanted to ask him loads of questions but i didn't want to come across as annoying.

and then, the saddest part of the day: HAMZA REJECTED MY HIGH-FIVE. yeah. i won't even get into the details of that. -_-

overall, the entire event was not so bad. i did learn a little about the product (i think it's really fancy) and got to meet some super awesome bloggers. i was hoping we would have all gotten a free Dell Streak 5, but alas.

left to right: Russian Bear, Hamza, Ahmed, Ateeq

since we all didn't get a group shot, i drew them hahaha. and yes, they're all holding hands (SORRY GUYS :D)


for more details, you can check out:
Hamza's post (there's a picture of us here :D)
Ahmed's post
Ateeq's post 


or you could just buy the product. you know, if you're super rich and all that shizz.


Love said...

your posts are easy to read and have so much of the illustration that i feel u dont want us to ever leave out any of it...:)

i must say hard work and u r super kewl urself:)

take care

Multibrand said...

I just read the post of a blogger in Indonesia who said that he and friends will be flying to Karachi to attend Pakistan's international social media summit this Friday and Saturday.

Here is the link:

Sadiya Merchant said...

sounds super awesome. v nevr hav dese meets in india :(
*sad eyes*

Leah said...

Oohh!! I love Blogger Meet ups. Back here in the Philippines, we call it Bloggers Eyeball. hehe.. It really is great to meet blogger friends.. It's like the virtual friendship has come full circle. :)

Delilah said...

a blogger meet! how awesome is that. glad you had a not-so-bad time. and woot for free food! =D
p.s your illustrations are the adorablest!

r.alsharif said...

lol 'they're all holding hands' xD
I'[m glad you had a good time!

Ahmed Yoosuf said...

nice animation skills, and good use of colour combinations.
Am i really that intriguing!!!LOL

chocolatemilk said...

Woww, you've got some serious paint skillz. No joke.

Haha shitt, I wish I was there too! Sounds like you guys did have fun :P

We SOO need a blogger meetup.

MG said...

woooh, blogger meet up ^_^ sounds enjoyable. hehe

aakash said...

Hehe... I also wanna go and attend one.. you should have been in your heels, take those ladies on your sides down.. :D
high 5 kyu reject hua? Plz enlighten.. may be checking Hamza's post will help :)


ovais said...

No, I'm not going to buy the Dell Streak 5.

I'm saving up for the Ipad 3 :)

Twefrence said...

Wow, had no idea that there's blogger meet ups too.
Mum would have never let me go =(
(well, it's not like she knows I hv a blog =P)
Glad that you had fun there =D
ps. What is the Dell streak 5 thing for anyways?
Just for blogging???

Shane Burch said...

Sounds like a lot of fun :-). Im thinking about getting a tablet. Maybe the Asus Transformer. Seems that android has more to offer at this point as far as the OS goes when compared to Apple, although the ipad 2 is sleek and has soooo many more apps than the android marketplace. We will see. Glad you had a good time and hope all is well with you Furree. <3<3<3

Hamza Bin Ladin said...



Hahahahaha. This is post was so much fun, though my internet connection died and I am here through my friend's system.

The pictures are so super awesome.LIGHT years better than our real life picture.

And also I was not annoyed by you. I thought it was the other way around. It was me who was ANNOYING YUU :p

To all other people, Who haven't met Furree Katt yet, you should. She is so super AWESOMEICALLY CUTE. Been short is not a problem. She is not short, it's just she makes you feel good and tall :D

And how we wish we had got that DELL streak 5. All we got was that shirt and the Google pen that writes in just one color.Blue.:(

And your picture of Sadaf Majdy a.k.a the stammering lady is EPIC.
And the height in GRAMS. Dell people rock. Height in grams, Seriously.

The tea was mediocre.And the Ahmad Yoosaf, he was AWESOME. He and I are meeting again, at DUHS CARNIVAL ON THE 19TH OF JUNE.:p yay.

Anyhow,It was such a pleasure and honor meeting you. Hope you enjoyed even half as much I did.

Vice Versa said...

Iz okayy, furree, i'm short, too. but i'll bet you're taller than me :p

Your pictures be THE awesome.
So pretty and colourful and realistic.

is the phone really that good? i am skeptical, though i have heard a lot of stuff about it.

A rejected high five is the worst form of an insult.
i would high five you, Furree.

I know you all say it was boring, but it sounds like you had truck loads of fun.
so very luckyy, duck.

ChickLitGirl said...

Sounds fun. Lez do something like it soon.

eddiesdomain said...

so the presentation happened only in karachi or like all over pakistan? Would have been fun if it happened in lahore. would have surely attended it.

Nas said...

Awesome post!
And I love your pictures, they have me smiling like a retard :P.


Zy said...

So cool that you got to meet other bloggers. The Dell Streak 5 looks fancy, like you said.
The pictures are funny ^.^

mayen said...

how cute blogger meet up. I haven't meet a fellow blogger who weren't my friends yet in well "real life".

I saw the pictures. You are too gorgeous :)

Maryam said...

This is post was so much fun. I loved reading it, I swear.

I so wanted to be there. :(


AL said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Furrreeeeeeeeeee :D

Lol you're such a cuteyyyy.
Looks like you had fun (:

Peevie Juice said...

Your blog is refreshing. And so chirpy.
I'm here to stay.

Also, LOL at "i grabbed Russian Bear"

Noor-ul-ain Hanif said...

nice blog nice post full of colors love it :)

Jodie-Ann said...

Looks like you had lots of fun!! <3

Tazeen said...



Furree Katt said...

@Love, aww thanks! :) i'm glad you like my posts :D

@Multibrand, cool :O thanks for the link!


@Leah, 'Eyeball' is a cool name :D and yes, i totally agree!

@Delilah, haha it was a little awesome, yes :D I LOVE FOOD! and thank yooouuu ♥

@r.alsharif, LOL YEAH! thanks :)

@Ahmed, thank you :) and YESSSSS hahaha

@chocolatemilk, thank you lots :D haha i wish you were there too, we have to do something soon!

@MG, it was enjoyable, kind of :D haha

@aakash, LOL! i wear heels only on strictly formal occasions which is not often hahah. and i have no idea why he rejected my highfive LOL yes you should check out his post :D

@ovais, COOLNESS! i can afford neither, LOL

@Twefrence, haha i bet if you guys had a blogger meetup it would be tons of fun. and nooo, it's like a phone/tablet i guess, similar to the ipad or something, i don't know the presentation was really boring LOLOL

@Shane, yeah i had fun, but only a little :D AND LOL I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT ANYTHING RELATED TO COOL STUFF :( but yes the ipad is better i suppose.
thank you! ♥ i hope all is well with you too :D

@Hamza, HAHAHAHA i'll be expecting high tens :D i know right, i needed lots of pictures and i couldn't use the group shot :P
you definitely did not annoy me! and hahahaha thanks ♥ :D
I AGREE LOL i think i even lost the pen, and i don't know what i did with the shirt when i got home :O
wow, lucky you! i bet that carnival will be funfunfun :D
and same here Hamza! we'll do something again soon :D

@Vice Versa, i'm 5"4, you? :D
thank you! ♥ and LOL naaah i don't think the phone is that great haha.
*high fives* thank you! i feel all special now.
HAHAHA TRUST ME it wasn't much fun, i'd say it was 80% boring :P

@ChickLitGirl, WE WILL! ♥

@Nas, hahaha thank you so much :D

@Zy, ikr?! and yeah it does. thank you :D

@mayen, it is loads of fun meeting people that you've befriended online! :D
and awww thank you soooo muchhh that made my day ♥

@Maryam, thanks :D ♥ YOU'RE AWESOME TOO!

i love you lots :D and yeah, a little bit hahaha

@Peevie Juice, OMG HIIIIII. thank you so much! *falls over in joy*
and thank you for following me. I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG ♥

@Noor, aww thank you :)

@Jodie, haha yes i did! it was a little boring but meeting everyone was worth it, i suppose :D ♥

@Tazeen, I WANT TO MEET YOU TOO! Hamza and co. are planning another meeting, i'll officially invite you. yay! :D

Katherine said...

I've never been to a blogger meet up. Sounds cool.

The gadget looks cool either, but after googling it, the first review I read was a negative one. Well, not entirely negative. According to the review, the Dell Streak 5 shows some potential, but he would still prefer his iPhone or iPad over that.

Well, I'm not really into gadgets so I wouldn't get a Dell Streak 5 either. :)

iZaynab said...

Sounds like a really interesting meet up from everything iRead.
Wonderful that you had a great time though !

Furree Katt said...

@Katherine, it does sound cool! :D and haha yeah i'm not too big on the Dell Streak 5 either.

@iZaynab, thanks! ♥ :) and yeah it was pretty much okay lololol.

ShuShu said...

I am sooooo sorry this comment came like after 1234456 days but this is soooo exciting, and it means your blog's got quality!!
I'm the one who INVITES bloggers to events like this so trust meeeeee. We're always very selective because there's a cap to the number of people we can invite!!:)

AND because you're pretty, you might very well be famous soon!! (sorry for being shallow, but that's really how it works over here! )

Furree Katt said...

@ShuShu, haha no problem!
and OMG i did not know that was your occupation! that is seriously cool. :O
and awwww thank you so muchhhhh ♥ you're so sweet, i love you!

ShuShu said...

ahahah i work in public relations but somehow we find ourselves doing social media stuff too :)
loveeee you too, you're sweeter!!! <3

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