Monday, June 6, 2011

Twisted Antics of My Childhood

all of us have done something strange during our childhood years. we've had our share of quirks and faults and moments where we've been caught doing something (innocently) weird and awkward when we were little.

some of my childhood weirdness has still stuck with me during my teenage years (proof above). but that's not what i'm going to talk about in this post. i'm going to enlighten you guys on the stuff that i've thankfully stopped doing, and the strange kiddish habits that i am glad to have grown out of.

i used to indulge in a lot of activities that might never be considered 'normal' for a child. some of these include:

chewing on the limbs of my dolls
it started when i was 3 years old, when i first got a taste of sleeping away from my mum whenever she used to go out at night with my dad. on those particular nights i used to sleep in a tiny, comfortable bed in my grandparents' room, and have my grandmum tuck me in each night. i used to enjoy the quality time i spent with my grandparents, but on one night, i was super cranky and decided that i really missed my mum and wanted to sleep between my parents on their bed, no matter what. since my mum and dad were out, and my grandparents were not in their room at that particular moment, i got extremely irritated and wanted to take out my frustration in the most attention-grabbing way possible. 
due to the fact that i was too young to think of all the absurd things that i was capable of doing to achieve the reaction i wanted, i did the first thing that came to my mind: grab a Waitress Barbie doll directly in my line of sight and take out my anger on her in doll-talk. when that didn't prove satisfactory, i got even more annoyed and did the most unladylike thing i could have ever done at that moment: viciously gnawed on the Waitress Barbie doll's arm.

it was fifteen minutes into that barbaric act when my sense snapped back into me and i realized what i was doing. i slowly unclenched my jaw and freed the Waitress Barbie doll's arm from my mouth, and when i looked at it, i let out a huge shriek. the doll's arm was a hideously mangled mess. it then dawned on me that i had destroyed something dear to me just because of a mood swing, and that made me really, really upset. i started wailing and crying at the top of my voice. it took me a couple of days to get over it.
once the OMG-i-killed-Waitress-Barbie phase was over, i realized that maybe the idea of putting a doll's limb in my mouth wasn't such a bad idea, and i had just taken it a little too far on the first try. the soft plastic of my other Barbies' legs and arms became a temptation. whilst playing with them i nibbled here and there, and began to gently chew on them when i was out of other stuff to do. this carried on for a couple of years, till i had perfected the act of chewing and left no marks at all. 
i can't remember how i stopped.

eating the biscuit part of an Oreo and leaving the cream
this practically made me an outcast among my first and second grade peeps. all the children used to do the 'in' thing in school: lick the white cream of the Oreo cookie and discard the black biscuit part. i on the other hand, used to scrape the white cream off the nearest surface and devour the biscuit with pleasure that was not understandable to anyone my age or below.

them (with cream in their mouths)

NO ONE GOT THAT I DIDN'T LIKE THE CREAM. i just didn't. i was ridiculed for this act of not-cream-liking for at least two years. and then Chips Ahoy became the new thing to eat.

imagining every person under a motorcycle helmet to be a total hero
this was something i had decided to take with me to the grave, but i feel like talking about it all of a sudden. so yeah, i might regret it later because it is one of the most embarrassing parts of my little-girl-ness. 
from ages 4 to 7, whenever i saw a motorcyclist wearing a helmet that covered his entire face, i always imagined the face underneath to me something like this:

hence making all motorcyclists with helmets+visors look like this to me:

even though it was apparent to the rest of the world that those guys must have been 30-year-old uncles or pimply teenagers or just extremely plain-looking human beings. I HAD A CRUSH ON EVERY MOTORCYCLIST WITH A NON-VISIBLE FACE. you can laugh now.

favouring the colour black in every drawing
when i was in preschool, all my teachers were worried. they thought i was a disturbed child, solely on the basis that while all my fellow classmates were making pretty pictures out of bright colours, i was scribbling away with a single black colour pencil on whatever drawing assignment i had been given to do. my mum was not at all perturbed. she said i was a happy child and encouraged me to draw as i pleased. the teachers all showed their concern, but little-me proved them wrong by starting to use bright colours after a while.

teacher and i.

i never stopped with the bright-colour-usage after that. just look at my blog. :P and my favourite colour is orange since as long as i can remember.


speaking of remembering, this is all i can remember for now :O which is enough to give you an idea of how strangely i used to behave when i was a child. oh well. 
i am glad to have changed. i stopped playing with dolls when i was 11. i can't remember the last time i ate an Oreo. i barely spare a glance at motorcyclists. i love colours.
please make me feel better about little-girl-me and share your weird childhood behavior, too! i would love to know how weird we've all been as little kids.


this is a repost.  i added the drawings.


psycho said...

hm. I NEVER played with dolls. whenever i used to get one as a gift, i would wash it and pull it's hair out then pose for the camera with the ruin doll, grinning :p

and i was very possessive about my other toys. once i found out that my cousin was playing with them, i got so angry that i started pulling her hair and kept pulling until my parents separated us :p

bavli said...

I am still weird * looks here and there*

FYF said...

I used to chew on dolls too!! :O :O
But only their feet though. They then went all weird and shrivelly :D

And and whenever we used to get drawing assignments in school, I either colored the picture ALL BLACK or I used to go crazy with the colors XD I made this crazy looking psychedelic cat once.

Haye you made me go all nostalgic.

Mr. Gargus said...



I wish I could tell you something really really weird that I did as a kid. But I can't think of anything. Except for maybe climbing on everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) but that's pretty normal.....isn't it?


Oh well.

Love You Furree!

Delilah said...

I ate walls! no, dont rub your eyes, you read that right.
and not all of them. I only noshed on the edge of yellow painted walls. My parents STILL think that it was one of my younger sisters =D

Ashley said...

Hahaha I chewed on dolls too. Either their hands(for nibbling) or that squishier part of their thighs(for gnawing). I liked chewing on paper too.

I also liked to lick play-doh. Not actually eat it because too much of it was gross. Just lick it. And smell it.

Chewing on things has always been a habit of mine. I still chew on things, like straws, pens, bobby pins.. yeah.

I also loved to cover myself in wet glue, let it dry then peel it all off me. Something about that gave me a weird thrill

Julie Iliana said...

aw this is cute! well, maybe it's because of the way you've written it ~_o haha. I would cut my barbie's hair off for some reason, but then I think most kids did that. I think I chewed a couple of times too! lol gosh, I'm having a hard time remembering what I was like as a child :x

Asif said...

From the age of 3 I loved drawing on walls.
My dad finally asked me when I turned 4, why I kept drawing on walls instead of using paper.

I said 'Dude (yaar), paper gets lost, the walls stay there.'

mayen said...

This is really funny. I enjoyed reading it. The weirdest thing for me is the oreo part, I imagined how you manage to do that, eat the biscuit part and leave the cream. I will try if I can do that now. lol.

Anyway, to make you feel better, I'll confess that I used to lick my crayons like they are the sweetest lollipop in the world, when I was a silly-little girl. :)

Jodie-Ann said...

LOLOLOL! I was a doll FANATIC. I had over a hundred Barbies and like three Bratz(I always thought their heads looked way too weird). I once broke off my Ken's head because I was trying to fit him into a dolly car. AND THEN, I taped his neck to keep the head stuck on. XD

delerium ΦΚΘ said...

LOOOOOL! Okay I should be studying for my Biology final tomorrow but I took a five minute break SO HERE I AM!

I did some crazy stuff in my childhood. I loved rolling myself in a blanket and rolling down the stairs (our old home had this huge spiral staircase) so me and my brother used to go all the way down on it rolled up hahahaha. And once, we took out an extra guest mattress, and slid all the way down LOL! Aaand I used to paint my toy cars with my mom's nail polish LOL! She used to get so upset because I would use her favorite ones with metallic sort of colors so she started seperating out nail polishes that I could use for my cars hahahaha (I ended up having a collection of nail polishes :D)
Aaaand I had my maid take off the Slider part off the slider (you know, that plastic wavy part that goes on top of the rest of the slider which is basically just the stair to get on top and the frame? yes?) and then I used to rock on that plastic-slider part like it was a boat! aaaand I used to take the garden hose and water a particular patch for like 15 mins so it became reallyy slippery and all muddy and then I used to come running from afar and slide over the slippery area hahahahaha and then after a while go upstairs, take a shower and hide my dirty clothes and cover the slippery area with mud or something. OH and I loved to dig holes in my garden. And one weird thing I remember doing was taking a small scoop of jam and putting in somewhere near the garden to attract small ants. As soon as they came towards it, Me and my brother would spray water on them with a water spray hahahahaha and watch them run LOLOLOL.
Oh and Ever since I was 7, I used to climb stuff. The biggest climb was over our backyard's fence into our neighbors house which was under construction. I still remember, two of the construction workers ran after me! I nearly had a panic attack.. I went into the house from some back route but while running back I slammed through the front door where the owners of the house were standing and they were like "WHO'S THAT KID? CATCH HIM" and I still don't know how but I climbed that 7 feet high wall (I was barely 4 ft) within 4 seconds and I was gone and never to be seen again hahahaha.


Multibrand said...

I think your childhood is okay.
All of us have gone through the same things : good, bad, funny.

Rebecca said...

I love this post, I think it's great when you can remember parts of your past - even if they are embarassing.

I can't think of any weird things that I did when I was younger but I once (or twice) sat in the corner behind the chair in my Grandparents house and ate paper. Hah! Don't ask me why :/

Ash said...

You didn't like the cream from Oreo's? Really? You are unique, child.

In a good way :D.

Dawson said...

I was a thumbsucker. Thoosh. And I totally get the part about weird drawings. Unfortunately, mine are still like that.

But everything you did makes you brilliant and original. So its all good :)

Randomhyper. said...

I used to eat the erasers on the back of pencils. Chew it off and then swallow it. And THEN, I would chew the metal around the erasers :/
I'm glad we've all grown up. Seriously.

Aabi said...

Hahahahah awwwwwwwww. U SO CUTE IM GONNA DIE. u know how im imagining little u? THIS IS THE LITTLE FURREE.

i didnt like dolls. i used to have my stuff toys in my little tent and i used to be a soldier helping them from the enemies. -.- Quite the tomboy i was. Also i had this weird habit of beheading little doll figures. I still have their heads :D :D and i used to play with train sets all day long :D Also i remember sitting infront of the microwave and watching the popcorn pop :D when i was 2 i was FASCINATED with my fingers :D i would just stare at them and twirl them around. and my favorite line was "WHAT IT DID" instead of what is it :D aaah. old times.

ishashime said...

oh gawd. i wouldn't dream of chewing off the limbs of my barbie dolls. i loved them too much. i still do, actually. haha.
and virtual high five on the imaging every person under a motorcycle helmet to be a total hero part! except, i still think some hot guy is under there until today.
i'm not really crazy about the cream on oreos either. but i lick 'em all the same. i don't want them to waste so i just get it over with so i can savor the biscuit itself. haha.
i also still bite my nails and chew on my pens/pencils/straws. it's like i haven't grown up at all. how weird. haha. xD

Twefrence said...

wow barbie dolls =P
I used to chew on those chewy rubbers used for bable bottles, I loved the texture somehow and I think I pretty much swallowed a lot of that =P
and I think I kinda gnawed on wood too... There's still marks on my parents bed..hmm. =P
what else..hmm...
Haha I can tell you about how my elder brother used to love playing with toilet water =P

Tazeen said...

My favourite colour's orange too! :D

And the chewing of doll limbs was very funny! :D

sanscenario said...

I used to chew on my doll's hands and feet, too!

As a toddler I have been told that I used to flush everything I possibly could down the toilet. Not good.

I'd also destroy everything, there is photographic evidence of that.

I was also a little monkey, climbing on the outside of stairs an hooking my toes onto cabinet knobs and stuff to get to higher places.

I would eat little pieces of paper too, but that didn't last for long.

There's a bunch of other stuff but I will leave that for later, hahaha. I was a terror in my own house, but an angel everywhere else.

Amna K said...

I was a very well-behaved child all my childhood. My mum says so. I think that in itself was the weird thing about me!! :-D

Nas said...

Hey Furree. :)
Back when I was young, I err used to play doll houses with my little sister, and using my desi engineering, I bought water and light to one of her little houses.
Also when I was young and in Pakistan, I used to fall out the back door and ended up breaking my front tooth.

Hope all is well.

Shrutilaya said...

Hmm. I used to make little dresses and sew them for my dolls.
I'm glad I didn't stop doing that though, it led me to design :P

But other than that hmm, I used to bite a lot, still do infact :P

And YES! I never ate the cream bits!

uncrypted soul said...

hahahahaha.....the "doll" part made me chukle......the doll eater.:D

PurpleMist. said...

Hahahaha little furree amuses me :D

I can't believe you abused the doll like that. I see you have a violent side O.O haha just kidding :P

It's ok, I like the oreo biscuit more than the cream too! Haha, I wish they sold just the biscuits, without the cream in them :P
I've always liked oreos, still do :D

I just don't really know what to say about you liking every guy on a motorbike, except: hahahahahhahaha!! sorry, i had to do that :P

Hmm.. one thing people keep telling me I did when I was a kid is that I used to cry. A LOT.
When I look through my childhood pics, in a lot of them my eyes are red and it's obvious i've been crying O.O yeah, I was a pathetic little child, I don't cry much now :P

Twefrence said...

Haha, I love the new drawings you added =D

r.alsharif said...

Poor Barbie
I used to eat the biscuit part of the oreo too! xD

iqra202 said...

I used to stuff beads and tissues up my nose. Now, when i drink water and have that end up in my nose, i make these weird wheezing noises, and usually gag.

y.hayat said...

Hahahaha, what a cute post <3
I hated cream too! Hi Five. I'd eat ritz and leave the cheese or any cream biscuit for that matter.

Weird fact #1: I used to play this game with my right and left hand. The right hand was miss evil and left was miss good. And everything I'd do, like eating or picking up a fallen object or catching a ball, I'd do it with my left and make it feel triumphant. Don't laugh okay :P
#2: I used to use color pencils as eye pencils and give my dolls a makeover
#3: I'd keep my dairy milks in the microwave so I could enjoy melted chocolate. LOL

There are many more. More embarrassing ones. I have an exam in a couple of hours, so I need to revise. And this post is amazingly cute :)

BlackedOut said...

OMG I used to do the same thing with oreo!! But now I eat the cream first and leave the best for last (which in this case is the biscuit) However my sister prefers the cream just like those mean people who didn't understand your love for the biscuit part :P

aakash said...

hehe... can't stop laughing... these are weird but cute.. Wait for mine,
When I was in 3rd standard, I saw this bull-fighting video on neighbour's TV and I knew I was born to be a bull-fighter. So for next couple of months, I tried riding all bulls (cows and buffaloes basically coz I didn't know the difference) in my vicinity. And people thought I was mad, but I realized soon that TV had fooled me. :|

jamie-lee said...

LOL you are sooo funny! Haha and don't most kids eat the cream of oreos and not the biscuit?

Good to know I wasn't the only weird one ;)

ishashime said...

yay for added drawings! :D

ShuShu said...

before reading, i jsut wanna say that you look kinda hot in the pic hahahaha :P

ShuShu said...

I think I did the smae thing with oreos!!

and your word verification thing is SKYPE. ahahha

Ahmed Yoosuf said...

hahaha, nice post, the dolls, bikers :P

ovais said...


Little kids are AWESOME.

And cute.

I have a baby cousin whom I love, but no one is cuter than I was as a baby :p

And what I used to do.. you can see for yourself and laugh as much as you want, this is only ten minutes of three/four hours that I have with me..

iZaynab said...

Oh My iDo that with my friend hair.
{ Due to my somewhat Afro }
But, Aha. My lord you are to funny.
The Oreo thing always comes to a big fight.
& iMight have bitten off a few limbs ~

ZoeWrites said...

OMG this is so funny! I love your drawings!
BTW, I give you a little shout out on my blog ^_^

Furree Katt said...

@psycho, whoa, that's PSYCHOTIC LOLOLOLOL. i remember crying when other people played with my dolls, but never actually fighting over them haha.

@bavli, aww that's okay! ♥

@FYF, HAHAHA i can't imagine how awful the feet would look in the pretty doll-shoes :P
psychedelic cat = coolness O.O

@Mr. Gargus, i think your habit of climbing on everything is pretty special :D love you too! ♥

@Delilah, OOOHHHH like the walls with the smooth oil-y paint thing on them? hahaha that is way cool :O

and haha i think play-do smells DISGUSTING/ my students have a specific time of the day to play with play-do and usually i try to avoid all contact with them during that time :P
I LIKED TO EAT GLUE! :O but yes, peeling off glue is pretty fascinating.

@Julie, thank you :)
i once cut my doll's hair :O but at that time i thought it would grow back hahaha. think harder, i'm sure you'll remember! :)

@Asif, there's no doubt about it; you were the coolest kid ever.

@mayen, thank you :D hahaha i used to scrape off the cream wherever i could!
wow, crayon-licking! :O i've never heard of that before. sooo cute :D

@Jodie, HAHAHAHA NO WAY THAT IS CRAZY! :D your poor ken hahahaha

@delerium, your comment didn't get deleted, see? :D YAY!
OH MY GOD THAT'S A LOT OF COOL STUFF YOU DID. i especially liked the sliding-down-the-stairs-on-a-mattress bit, hilarious! :O
that was really mean with the ants though ahahah
HOW COULD YOU CLIMB LIKE THAT?! super jealous i iz.

@Multibrand, i suppose i agree with that :D :D

@Rebecca, thanks! :) and hahahaha awww cute, you paper-eater!

@Ash, why thank you, kind sir!

@Dawson, LOL! i don't think i sucked my thumb much. and aww, thank you :D ♥

@Randomhyper, HAHA WOW. i'm glad, too :P

dude that is totally cool of you haha. the finger part is pretty intriguing :O

@ishashime, OMG OMG *massive high five* for the motorcycle helmet thing! I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE HAHA
and awww i think it's super cute and totally cool that you still have some of your childhood habits.
:D thank you ♥

@Twefrence, AHAHAHA COOLNESS! you wood eater :P
thanks :D :D ♥

@Tazeen, yay for orange :D and thank you!

@sanscenario, oooh i have heard loads of stories about your climbing habits!
and HAHAHA flushing things down the toilet O.O


@Nas, :D hahaha i think that is SO sweet!
and yes, all is well.

@Shrutilaya, WHOA THAT IS SO COOL. i used to be really interested in sewing when i was little, dunno what happened to that haha.
yay for no cream! ♥

@uncrypted, thanks! and lol, yes. :D

@PurpleMist, thank you &hearts :D
and haha i can't believe it either, i ruined an actual Barbie :P
OMG same here i wish they sold just-the-biscuit-part of oreo too! and yeah THANKS FOR LAUGHING -_- :P
you cry baby. literally :D ♥ love you!

@r.alsharif, yup! and yayyy for just the biscuit :D

@iqra, omg isn't that totally dangerous? O.O and LOL at the gagging sounds

Furree Katt said...

@y.hayat, aww thank you so much! ♥
that left and right hand game of yours is pretty cool O.O
and WOW at the dolls thing! i wish i had thought of that haha. i would have given all my barbies a makeover :P
i loooove melted chocolate :D
thanks again! and good luck with your revision ♥

@BlackedOut, hahaha how efficient :P i can't stand the cream! *highfives* yay for fellow biscuit lovers :D

@aakash, thank youuu :D and HAHAHAHA your bull story made me laugh out loud, hilarious!

@jamie-lee, aww thanks. hooray for the biscuit!

@ShuShu, LOL THANKS! ♥ i missed you a lot.
yay for the oreos, and skype too :P

@Ahmed, LOL THANKS! :D glad you liiiiked.

@ovais, i know, right :P thanks!
and lol i shall check out your video soon :D

@iZaynab, haha thanks! ♥ and LOL about fighting over oreos, i can't imagine that :P

@ZoeWrites, aww thank you so much ♥ and that is so sweet :D imma check out your post right away.

Vice Versa said...

Hahahaha! whattay cutie. I lovee you Furree.

I never liked barbies, or any dolls, for that matter. but especially barbies.
my mum got me lots of dolls, but i never played with them unless my cousin was over and wanted to play barbies.

Sometimes, i chewed on the barbies' hands. I chewed on a lot of things, and i still do..
the state of my pens and pencils is appalling. they're chewed beyond recognition :p
freud would say i have Oral Acquisitive syndrome. -.-

I never thought people under helmets were hot, but i have always thought helmets (especially with visors) were super cool. I've always wanted to wear one.

i love the play doh smell, and i peeled glue off my fingers, too.
you ATE glue? :O

anddd i don't think the man in the picture is hot.Sowwie. i know who he is, but i can't remember. (my friends would ridicule me for this) I'll just call him the John Abraham look alike. unless he is John abraham, in which case, don't tell my friends, they'd ridicule me even more.

eddiesdomain said...

lol I guess every kid has some sort of weird habbits that he/ she later realize or rank as wierd/strange. I guess thats the fun part of being a kid. It was good to read about it though :D.

I used to play Chess when i was 6. :p if thats weird. I have a memory of my 3rd bday clearly. Another weird one.
Used to read classics (so called baron ki books) at the age of 7, 8 ...

I was an unusually aware kid. lol these are some of my weird things as a kid

PS: I bump into u on a lot of different blogs but i wonder why i never popped on ur blog. I should have. Your writings are interesting.

Furree Katt said...

@Vice Versa, awwwhhh i love you toooo! ♥
wow, you no like barbies? O.O i used to adore them, but despise Bratz hahaha.
and yes, helmets with visors are seriously hot. ♥
ahahah yeahhh i ate it, the UHU/Elfy glue sticks weren't that bad actually :P
and that is John Abraham. don't worry, i won't tell anyone. *stifles giggles*
i love you lots like jelly tots. seriously :D

@eddie, i agree :D
and chess + classics :O wow, you were a smart kid!
i don;t think that's weird, i think it's super cool :D
and awwww THANK YOU! that means a lot. :) and thanks for adding me to your blog roll :D

~Rushes~ said...

OK! i've just realized that the skeletons in the closets of the 'newer generation' are much worse than those in ours!

herenownotforever said...

girl you are HILARIOUs

Furree Katt said...

@~Rushes~, HI! :D nice to see you here. and since i've read about the skeletons in YOUR closet, i must disagree. you were way cooler than i could ever be haha.

@herenownotforever, thanks :)

Viya ;) said...

eating the biscuit part of an Oreo and leaving the cream.. Lol! :P i love doing that :P i hate the cream in the oreo.. its just tooo sweet :|

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